middle-aged man who secretly paid 200,000 won for soldiers and left

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The story of a middle-aged man who secretly calculated the토토사이트 cost of meals for soldiers who were out and about is giving a heartwarming story.

On the 13th, five people, including Mr. A, who is serving in the military in Gyeongnam, reported to Yonhap News on the 13th that after going out on the 10th and eating at a meat restaurant with colleagues, they heard from the restaurant owner that a man had already paid for it. The cost of food is said to have been around 200,000 won.

Mr. A wanted to express his gratitude, but luckily the restaurant owner had the contact information of the man who paid for the meal.

Mr. A called the man, but was not connected, so he conveyed his thanks via text message.

He said, “Suddenly, the price of meat is calculated, so I leave a message of thanks. I ate the meat so deliciously. Since we received a lot of money, I want you to tell me why you bought it.”

Then, 20 minutes later, a middle-aged man said, “(The amount paid) is not large. I calculated). I am also an insignificant person. I hope that you too exert a beautiful influence on your life and live a wonderful life.”

Mr. A said, “It was a thankful experience that was completely unexpected and made me feel proud as a soldier. I didn’t have a close relationship, but I wanted to receive great grace just because I was a soldier, so I reported it because I wanted to publicize this good deed.”

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