May OPS 0.893… Park Hyo-joon’s challenge to the big leagues is not over.

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Park Hyo-joon, who plays for the Triple A team of the American Major League (MLB) Atlanta Braves, succeeded in rebounding in May.토토사이트

Park Hyo-jun has recorded 13 hits in 47 at-bats (4 doubles), 2 home runs, a batting average of 0.277, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.893 from May until today (25th). He struggled in April when he went 11-for-46 (one double), batting average of .239 and OPS of .647, but he rebounded this month. His season performance also rose to 0.258 batting average and 0.771 OPS.

Park Hyo-jun went through the hardships of changing teams after last season. On November 23 last year, Park Hyo-joon, who was DFA (designated assignment) from his original team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, was traded to the Boston Red Sox while waiting for release. However, on December 13, after 20 days, he was destined to be traded to Atlanta after another DFA from Boston.

However, Atlanta also DFA for Park Hyo-joon 12 days after the recruitment. It was a measure to empty the 40-man roster, and Park Hyo-jun accepted the Triple A line as no team wanted him anymore.

Park Hyo-jun, who changed his status from a major leaguer to a minor leaguer belonging to a 40-man roster, was not invited to Atlanta’s spring camp at the beginning of this year. It meant that Atlanta had virtually no intention of calling Park Hyo-Jun. Even in Triple A, when Hyo-Jun Park continued his sluggishness at the beginning of the season, the situation seemed to change to a slope, but he himself created a turning point.

However, it is unlikely that Park Hyo-joon will be called up to the big leagues right away. This is because Aji Albis is holding out at second baseman, Hyo-Jun Park’s main position, and Von Grissom, who plays in the majors and minors, and Braden Shoemake, a promising prospect that the team cherishes, are in the same Triple A. In particular, unlike Hyo-Jun Park, Grisom and Shoemake are included in the 40-man roster, so it is difficult for Hyo-Jun Park to get a chance right away.

However, if Park Hyo-jun continues to perform well in Triple A, he may be traded to another team that needs a second baseman or utility player. This is why Park Hyo-joon should continue the upward trend of May.

Attention is focusing on whether Park Hyo-jun will be able to become a big leaguer again after overcoming the ordeal from last winter.

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