“Make it again”, this snack sold 1 million packs in 50 days

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Lotte Well Food (formerly Lotte Confectionery)토토사이트 announced on the 11th that the cumulative sales volume of ‘Rip Pie Choco’ exceeded 1 million packs within 50 days of its launch. That equates to one pack being sold every four seconds. The number far exceeded the quantity the company expected at the time of launch.

Lip Pie Choco is a follow-up to ‘Lip Pie’, which was discontinued in 2015, and has been renewed and introduced after 8 years in response to continuous requests from consumers. It is characterized by harmonizing three elements: the flavor of fermented butter, the crispy texture, and the sweetness of chocolate.

Lippie Choco, which is upgraded from the existing products, has a soft and sweet taste by coating the bottom of the biscuit with chocolate made from Ghanaian cacao beans.

As an authentic pastry dessert, the dough is aged at a low temperature for 10 to 80 minutes to bring out the flavor of fermented butter, and the crispy texture is doubled with 160 layers of pastry dough.

Lotte Well Food explained that it targeted consumers with upgraded taste and quality while recalling memories of past rib pies.

Lotte Well Food expects steady demand for Rib Pie Choco to continue and plans to carry out various marketing activities.

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