LG CNS begins recruiting new employees in the second half of the year… three digit scale

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LG CNS has begun recruiting new employees in the second half of the year for a triple-digit amount. According to LG CNS

on the 11th , in order to secure talent who will grow into future토토사이트 digital transformation ( DX ) experts, ▲artificial intelligence ( AI ) ▲data ▲cloud application modernization ( AM ) ▲cloud architecture ▲smart logistics ▲consulting ▲ DX engineers total 7 Recruiting new employees in the field. Major is irrelevant, and any college graduate or prospective college graduate who wants to grow as a DX expert can apply. Applicants with majors in science or engineering, such as computer engineering, information and communication engineering, industrial engineering, or statistics, and those with IT capabilities such as coding club activities and app development experience are given preference. The recruitment process is conducted in the following order: document screening, written screening, practical interview, and final interview. Documents will be accepted until the 19th of this month, and further schedules will be announced after the document screening results are announced. LG CNS continues to invest in new employees to help them develop a long-term roadmap as DX experts. ‘New employee customized DX tailored to each job and competency for 8 weeks for final successful applicants.

Provides ‘career’ education. In addition, we have over 4,000 online education contents in various fields such as technology, language, and humanities to nurture employees, and we also support exam fees for certifications such as cloud and AI .

After LG CNS completes this triple-digit hiring, the total number of employees is expected to exceed 7,000. Detailed information about LG CNS ‘ new employee recruitment ‘ DX Leadership Academy’ can be found on the LG CNS recruitment site and the LG Group recruitment site. Ko Young-mok , LG CNS human resources director, said, “We will further innovate the business value of our customers by securing excellent talent in the areas of DX new technologies such as AI , cloud, and smart logistics .”

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