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Professional baseball LG is holding a catchphrase contest from January 13th to 26th. This contest was planned as a fan-participation event to pray for the success of the LG team.

For this catchphrase contest, you can choose one of three themes: “With fans,” “Passion of a united team for victory,” and “Willingness to challenge without giving up.” The catchphrase phrase can be written in the form of words or short sentences, regardless of 바카라사이트 Korean or English. When submitting, submit the catchphrase phrase along with the background and meaning of the proposal.

Reception is conducted through the club email or Google form link posted on the club’s social media. The final selection will be made by online fan voting (50%) and team/front voting (50%) among the candidates that went through the first round of screening.

The winners of the contest will be given two tickets for the 2023 LG home game blue seat season as a reward, and a ticket link gift certificate of KRW 50,000 will be awarded to the final candidates who passed the first screening.

LG will continue to operate events that fans can participate in together, including this contest. More information related to LG’s catchphrase contest can be found on the club’s official website and SNS account.

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