Korean golf, which lost face, eliminated all LPGA match play

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Korean players lost face by being eliminated from the group stage of the LPGA Tour Bank of Hope Match Play (total prize money 1.5 million dollars).메이저놀이터

LPGA Tour Rookie Yoo Hae-ran (22‧ Daol Financial Group) defeated Kim A-rim (28 ‧ Daol Financial Group) in the third round of the group stage on the third day of the tournament held at Shadow Creek Golf Club (par 72, 6804 yards) in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on the 27th (Korean time). Hanwha Q Cells) won by leading 3 holes with 1 hole left.

Yoo Hae-ran recorded two victories in a row after losing the first game against Lindsay Weaver Wright (USA). However, it was pushed back by Weaver Light with 2 wins and 1 draw, finishing second in the group and failing to advance to the round of 16.

Kim A-lim finished the tournament without a win with 1 draw and 2 losses.

This tournament, which is the only match play on the LPGA Tour, is played in a different way from regular tournaments. The 64 players will form groups of 4 each to play the group stage, with the first place in each group advancing to the round of 16. The winner is then decided in a tournament format.

Yoo Hae-ran and Kim A-lim continued the tight flow, exchanging victory and defeat until the 4th hole. In the 7th hole (par 5), Yoo Hae-ran recorded a par save and went one hole ahead of Kim A-rim, who stopped looking.

In the 11th hole (par 4), Yoo Hae-ran made a birdie and ran away by car in the 2nd hole. He then caught a birdie on the 17th hole (par 3) and won the victory.

Shin Ji-eun (31, Hanwha Q CELLS) won by 1 hole over Linia Ström (Sweden) and became 2-1. However, she was eliminated on the day, giving first place in the group to Riona Maguire (Ireland, 3 wins), who defeated Anna Lynn (27, Mediheal). Annalin finished the tournament with 1 win and 2 losses.

Other Korean players failed to secure victory on the day. ‘Defending champion’ Ji Eun-hee (37‧ Hanwha Q CELLS) lost by 2 holes to Lynn Grant (Sweden) with 1 hole left, and was eliminated with 1 win and 2 losses, thus ending her second consecutive win.

Jeongeun Lee 6 (27, Daebang Engineering & Construction) lost the match against Brooke Henderson (Canada) by 4 holes with 2 left. Hong Ye-eun (21‧ CJ) of the same group was defeated by Sophia Schubert (USA) and suffered three consecutive losses. Kim Se-young (30‧ Mediheal) drew with Cheyenne Knight (USA).

Meanwhile, Jinyoung Ko (28, Solaire), Nellie Koda (USA), and Lydia Ko (New Zealand), who are ranked 1st to 3rd in the world rankings, did not participate in this tournament.

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