‘Korean Durant’ Lee Yu-jin, why is his performance desperate?

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Lee Yu-jin (18, 197cm, guard/forward) of Yongsan High School, who is evaluated as the No.

Yongsan High School won the championship in the men’s and women’s middle and high school basketball tournament held in Gimcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do last May. It was a victory that resolved the resentment that had stayed in the semifinals (Spring Federation) and runner-up (association long term) in the previous two competitions.먹튀검증

Lee Yu-jin received the best player award. Lee Yu-jin, an all-around player type, is a player similar to Choi Jun-yong, who changed his uniform from Seoul SK to Jeonju KCC, and can play from 1 to 4.

Lee Yu-jin, who has an attractive height approaching 2M with a rather slender body, is equipped with excellent ball handling, flexibility, vision and shooting ability. This is why Lee Yu-jin is rated as the number one in the high school rankings.

Lee Yu-jin’s entry into the U19 national team is also a natural reason.

On the 5th, at the KCC practice gym in Mabuk-ri, we could find Lee Yu-jin in training for the U19 national team. The U19 national team led by head coach Lee Se-beom had their first practice game with Sungkyunkwan University, and Lee Yu-jin was included in the starting lineup and had time to check his condition while playing the game.

He didn’t stand out very much. It seems that he mainly plays a role in helping his older brothers. He seemed to have time to guess the supporting or summing up of last year’s U18 championship winners, such as Kang Seong-wook and Yu Min-soo. He seemed to focus on ball delivery, distribution, and defense, and he seemed to be refining his teamwork and breathing while occasionally attempting attacks.

After the game, Lee Yoo-jin said, “I’m not good enough, but I’m grateful that I was selected for the national team. I want to win while competing. I think speed and ball handling are strengths.” After saying, “The three competitions held in 2023 are not satisfactory. I think the championship of the federation president was all because of unity.”

As mentioned above, Lee Yu-jin proved the value of her existence once again by winning the championship and winning the MVP.

In addition, when asked about his determination to participate in this tournament, he said, “I saw the last tournament. The seniors were so cool. I will do well in this competition and do my best. You have to play the youngest role. Fighting must be infused. (Lee Se-beom) Since I have been with the director for a long time, I will also play a role in matching up with talking. It has to take on several roles. You need to infuse strength in defense and fast attack. I will think a lot before the game. I will work hard to make it a competition where you can win at least one.”

Lee Yoo-jin, who can play a variety of roles, must contribute not only to guard Jin in the absence of Lee Ju-young and Lee Chae-hyung, but also to overcome the expected height weakness. It was a short interview, but I could read his composure and confidence. The U19 men’s national team clearly needs Lee Yu-jin’s strength, nicknamed K Durant. Looking forward to fighting.

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