Korea can do it too! ‘2 consecutive losses → Miraculous quarterfinals’ Italy’s obvious potential [WBC]

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In the meantime, regardless of the event, the number of cases for the Korean national team, which has participated in international competitions, has been more like torture of hope to grab at a straw than hope.

The Korean national baseball team at the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) is in a similar situation. It was predicted that it would be possible to advance to the quarterfinals as they belonged to Group B in the first round of the finals with Japan, Czech Republic, Australia and China, but it was a series of miserable battles. They lost 4-13 to their fateful rival, Japan, and were on the verge of being eliminated as they showed unsatisfactory performances against Australia (7-8 loss) and Czech Republic (7-3 win), which were rated one step below.먹튀검증

On the 13th at 7:00 p.m., there is only one possibility for Korea to advance to the quarterfinals with the last match against China (3 losses) at the bottom of Group B. Australia losing to the Czech Republic by 4 points or more, and Korea winning against China. If that happens, Korea will advance to the second round with a low run rate between teams, following Japan, who confirmed first place in Group B with a 4-game winning streak.

Group A Cuba and Italy, who finished the first round a day earlier, showed that it is a ray of hope, but at the same time it is a clear possibility. In particular, Italy showed a dark horse-like appearance by capturing Cuba from the first game (6-3 win), but then suffered two consecutive losses to Taiwan (7-11 loss) and Panama (0-2 loss), putting it on the verge of being eliminated in an instant.

The best-case scenario for Italy, which has a high conceding rate, is for Cuba to take on Chinese Taipei and win against the Netherlands. At noon on the 12th, Cuba first defeated Taiwan 7-1 and confirmed their advance to the quarterfinals. At the same time, Italy has to defeat the Netherlands, which is evaluated as having an objective advantage in terms of power, with more than 4 points and less than 6 goals.

Here, Italy won 7-1 against the Netherlands and produced a miraculous quarterfinal. Former major leaguer Matt Harvey started and gave up 1 run in 4 innings, and at the plate, table setters Sal Felik and Nicky Lopez combined for 5 hits and 4 RBIs. The highlight was the bases loaded crisis in the top of the 6th inning, and Joe Lasorsa (Tampa Bay), who took the mound for relief, struck out Jonathan Scoop and Roger Bernardina, a ball that only had to be released by Didi Gregorius, to strike out in succession and block them with no runs, becoming the hero of the day.

Korea can do it too. In terms of objective power, Australia is ahead, but unlike Australia, which was completely defeated by Japan 1-7 in the match the previous day (12th), the Czech Republic performed well against Korea and Japan. In the game against Japan on the 11th, they aggressively rushed and scored 2 points, and against Korea, they scored 3 points at the end of the game.

On the other hand, Korea announced an all-out war with Won Tae-in as a starter. Although China is the weakest team, they should not be vigilant as they have improved by scoring points in every game in this tournament and coming to the brink of victory against the Czech Republic.

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