“Kim Min-jae, we all looked good from the beginning… ” 19-year-old MB’s rapid growth, keep growing like this

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“Kim Min-jae worked really hard from the first time he came.”

Korean Air, which won the combined championship for two consecutive years, is the 19-year-old middle blocker Kim Min-jae. Kim Min-jae beats his older brothers, such as Cho Jae-young, Jin Ji-wi, and Lee Soo-hwang, and is active as the Korean Air’s main middle blocker along with Kim Gyu-min.

Kim Min-jae has short composure. 스포츠토토 He first caught a volleyball when he was a freshman at Inha Sadaebu High School. Three years after his volleyball start, he was selected by Korean Air with the first pick in the second round of last year’s rookie draft. Although he did not receive many chances in his debut season, he made a mark by recording 18 points, 3 blocks and 4 serves in the final match of the regular season against Samsung Fire.

And I shed a lot of sweat in the off-season. Since his ball skills are still short, he has some shortcomings in basic skills and experience, but his jumping and flying skills are good, and his ability to learn is excellent. As a result, it was natural to receive the trust of Korean Air coach Tommy Tilikhainen.

Kim Min-jae scored 100 points in 13 games this season. He ranks 5th in blocking (0.63 per set) and 7th in fast break (59.43%). He’s made a lot of progress, considering he only scored 28 points in seven games last season.

He also recorded 4 blocks in the match against Korea Electric Power held at home on the 15th. He has shown solid strength in the center by blocking all games this season.

Director Tillikainen, who looked at Kim Min-jae, said, “Kim Min-jae has worked really hard since he first came. Our players looked at Kim Min-jae favorably. He thought he would grow a lot. He trained a lot and put in an effort.”

He said, “It is not because of luck that players show magical appearances when they play. He added that the players worked hard from the time they were training, and I think that is what they show during the game.”

Of course, it doesn’t give perfect confidence on the court yet. It is true that there are many more missing parts. He was reprimanded by manager Tilly Kainen after he committed a serve mistake at the end of the fourth set.

Setter and captain Han also said, “Min-jae needs to grow further. He has to see a lot on the court and accept a lot. He should have more experience. So he talks a lot even when he is playing.”

Kim Min-jae is Korean Air’s hit product this season. In addition to his volleyball skills, he is competing with veteran middle blocker Shin Young-seok (KEPCO) for first place in the fan vote for the men’s all-star fan vote. Volleyball fans are also looking forward to the appearance of a large middle blocker after a long time.

Of course, there are still many things missing. However, the potential to fill that shortfall is greater. Everyone is looking forward to Kim Min-jae’s future.

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