Kim Min-jae appeared on Manchester United’s official social media… Fans “Recruit right now”

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The name appeared on the official account.

On the 8th (Korean time), Manchester United posted statistics on the 5 players with the highest tackle success rate among the players in the 5 major European leagues through their official social network service (SNS).

1 was Aaron Wan-Bissaka. Wan-Bissaka is regarded as one of the best tacklers in the Premier League. He recorded a whopping 92% success rate. United posted the stats to honor Wan-Bissaka, who finished first.

However, the name of the player who came in second stood out. It was Kim Min-jae, who won the Italian Serie A championship with Napoli. With a success rate of 86.2%, he showed a tackle as accurate as that of Wan-Bissaka.스포츠토토

Coincidentally, Kim Min-jae is closely linked to the recent Manchester United transfer. It is known that he has been interested since October of last year. Manchester United want to strengthen their central defenders. The number one recruit is Kim Min-jae. This season, based on his strong physical condition and outstanding defensive intelligence, he was awarded the league’s best defense award. It has also expressed its intention to pay a buyout of about 42 million pounds (approximately 68.4 billion won), which will be activated from July 1st.

When the name of Kim Min-jae, who has been connected like this, appeared on the official SNS, the reaction of local fans of Man Utd is interesting. Fans wrote comments on the post, such as “Sign with Kim Min-jae”, “Kim Min-jae and the Wan-Bissaka combination”, and “I brought this statistic because of Kim Min-jae.” He was paying attention to the name of Kim Min-jae, who has recently been rumored to be transferring.

Meanwhile, while connected to Man Utd, Newcastle United added to the recruitment of Kim Min-jae. British media ‘The Sun’ said on the 8th (Korean time), “Newcastle are aiming to hijack Kim Min-jae.”

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