KIM is so naive, his judgment is disappointing”… Naples’ old FW, ‘sigh’ at Kim Min-jae’s warning

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Paolo Di Canio, who played as a striker for Napoli, expressed regret at Min-jae Kim’s behavior. 

Napoli lost 0-1 in the first leg against AC Milan in the quarterfinals of the 2022/23 UEFA Champions League held in San Siro, Milan, Italy on the 13th (Korean time). 

With the second leg still to go, Napoli’s situation is not optimistic.

Andre-Frank Jambo Angusa was sent off in the 29th minute of the second half of the first leg, and key defender Kim Min-jae also received a warning in the 33rd minute of the second half. The two players cannot participate in the second game due to the suspension and warning accumulation respectively. 

In the midst of this, he expressed great regret about the warning Kim Min-jae received, saying that the Naples striker should have chosen a different method. 

Italian media Area Naples reported on the 13th that “Di Canio was surprised by Kim Min-jae’s gesture.” 

According to reports, Di Canio appeared on ‘Sky Sports Italia’ after the match between Napoli and Milan and expressed his feelings about the match, and among them, Kim Min-jae was mentioned. 

He said, “I was surprised by the warning that Angusa received in such a delicate game, but I was more surprised by the warning from Min-jae Kim, who made an explicit gesture, knowing that there was a risk of accumulating warnings ahead of the second home game. He died and his judgment was poor.” mentioned about 

Kim Min-jae received a warning in the 33rd minute of the second half of the day, but he was not immediately warned for a foul. 

In an aerial contest, he pushed the opposing striker Alexis Salemachus to win the ball. Then the referee immediately blew a foul, and Kim Min-jae protested with a violent gesture. When the referee saw Kim Min-jae’s protest, he immediately ran and gave a warning. 

Regarding Kim Min-jae’s violent gesture, Di Canio expressed his regret, saying, “In the international arena, covert swearing is a better choice than this situation. Unfortunately, his behavior has already prevented him from participating in the important second game.” 

With Kim Min-jae’s unfortunate choice,안전놀이터 Napoli was placed in a situation where it was impossible to appoint key defender Kim Min-jae in the second leg on the 19th.

How Napoli, which is struggling with two consecutive losses against Milan, will overcome the vacancy of Kim Min-jae is expected to decide the direction of the second game. 

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