Kim Hyun-soo’s resolute remarks in the ‘illegal gambling’ case “The world has changed, not to do it…”

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You must not do what you are told not to do.”

Kim Hyeon-soo (35), the spiritual supporter of the LG Twins, regretted Lee Cheon-woong (35)’s Internet gambling situation, but decided to take a shot.

The last 14 days were a messy day for both the LG Twins team and the front desk. From the morning, Lee Cheon-woong announced through a press release that he had been gambling illegally on the Internet, and had to be saturated with public opinion.

My teammates couldn’t be more comfortable either. Kim Hyun-soo was one of them.

Kim Hyun-soo started as the designated hitter No. 3 in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League home game against the Doosan Bears held at Jamsil Stadium on the 14th, and played a high-purity performance with 2 hits and 4 RBIs in 4 at-bats.

LG’s batters, including Kim Hyun-soo, played a big role, hitting 14 hits, and won 13-4. With this victory, LG marked 8 wins and 4 losses, chasing SSG Landers (8 wins, 2 losses, 0.800 win rate), who played two less games, by one game.

After the game, Kim Hyun-soo gave credit to his teammates, saying, “Starter Kim Yun-sik threw well. Also, it seems that our players moved well according to the strategy, which led to good results.”

LG is the only team out of 10 clubs whose team batting average exceeds 30% (0.307). On this day, a total of six people, including Kim Hyun-soo, Austin, Kim Min-seong, Moon Bo-kyung, Seo Gun-chang, and Park Hae-min, made a splash with multi-hits.

Kim Hyun-soo looked back, saying, “The feeling of hitting seems to be getting better little by little, but I don’t know exactly. It’s not perfect or the best feeling yet.

Kim Hyun-soo hit a timely double with 3 RBIs that perfectly cut the middle right in the bottom of the 4th inning when the team was ahead 4-1. Kim Hyun-soo said, “(Doosan starter) Raul Alcantara’s ball is so good and fast. The timing was right. The ball Alcantara tried to throw a little high seemed to come in low.”

In addition, Kim Hyun-soo said about playing as a designated hitter, “I feel a little sorry for the other players. (Even if I don’t play defense, to maintain batting condition) I swing a lot in the dugout. I try not to sit as much as possible.”

After the match, LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop praised the team leader, Kim Hyun-soo, for giving him a decisive blow to win, and then praised the players for their overall concentration. We were able to win thanks to their passionate support.”

The team won, but it was also the day when the unsavory thing inside was revealed to the world. The LG club said on the same day, “We conducted several interviews and self-investigation regarding the fact that Lee Cheon-woong was involved in an Internet gambling case recently requested by the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) to investigate.” After requesting an investigation into the KBO, Lee Cheon-woong, who denied, was canceled from the first team entry and moved to the retention team. Even after Lee Cheon-woong moved to the retention team, we conducted additional self-investigation and interviews.”

“In this process, Lee Chun-woong admitted to the charges on the 12th. The club immediately notified the KBO Clean Baseball Center immediately after finding out the facts, and will actively cooperate with the prosecution’s investigation and KBO’s follow-up measures in the future.” Kim In-seok, CEO of LG Sports, issued an apology through the club, and coach Yeom, the commanding tower, also repeatedly apologized to the fans prior to the game.

Regarding Lee Chun-woong’s admission of Internet gambling charges, Kim Hyun-soo seemed determined to say,먹튀검증 “The world has changed. It’s not that the world has changed that’s the problem, it’s something you shouldn’t do. I hope you think about yourself. I think we need to think carefully about the future and player life.”

Kim Hyun-soo expressed his opinion again in a strong tone, saying, “I don’t know if he wants to have fun for a while, but if he didn’t… No, it’s not if he didn’t.

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