‘Kim Do-Young’s Rival’ made his thrilling first-team debut, but… he struck out on three pitches and caught a foul fly. I was hungry after my first drink 

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 The prospect who was called the rival of ‘Super Rookie’ Kim Do-young throughout high school has finally appeared in the first team for the first time. But he couldn’t get enough of his first drink. He missed once in offense and defense.

The KIA Tigers excluded infielder Hong Jong-pyo from the entry ahead of the LG Twins game in Gwangju on the 28th, and instead called up infielder Yoon Do-hyun, a second-year high school graduate. It was Yoon Do-hyun’s first first-team registration.

Yoon Do-hyun was called ‘Kim Do-young’s rival’ in Gwangju. Gwangju Dongsung High School’s Kim Do-young and Gwangju Il High School’s Yoon Do-hyeon were bound to become rivals. Even until the 2nd grade, it was difficult to distinguish superiority and inferiority to the extent that there was an argument about who was better, but in the 3rd year, Kim Do-young performed outstandingly, Kim Do-young came to KIA as the 1st nomination, and Yoon Do-hyun came to KIA with the 15th place in the 2nd round of the 2nd round. nominated A rival playing on the same team.

Last year, when Kim Do-young was in the limelight as a ‘super rookie’ after becoming the batting champion in an exhibition game, Yoon Do-hyun had to watch it on TV. On March 14 last year, in an exhibition game against the Samsung Lions held in Daegu, he collided with a fellow defender and suffered a fractured metacarpal bone in his right hand. His rehabilitation has been long, and that’s how the 2022 season went.

This season, which he prepared again, was stopped again due to a hamstring injury at the beginning of the season. Still, he quickly rehabilitated himself and went to the Futures League on the 3rd and went to practice, and finally stepped on the stage of the 1st team on the 28th.

He showed off his long hitting power in the Futures League. His batting average was not very good at 2.3 7 Lee (9 hits in 38 at-bats), but he hit 3 home runs and gave off charm with his long hitting power.

He quickly got his chance to play. Byun Woo-hyuk, who started as the starting third baseman for the LG Games that day, made an unfortunate catch mistake in the first inning and struck out on a swing in the bottom of the second inning. It would have been nice to have a good hit from the beginning, but the reality was the reality.

In the bottom of the 5th inning, trailing by 0-7, Yoon Do-hyun, who made his first at-bat as the lead batter, returned to the dugout without being able to hit the ball. Yoon Do-hyun, who recently faced Lim Chan-gyu, who was the best thrower in LG, let the slider slide on the first pitch and missed the 110km curve on the second pitch, resulting in a unfavorable count of 2S, and the bat again on the 115km curve on the third pitch. Strike out on 3 pitches.

The defense was also disappointing. In the bottom of the 7th inning, the lead hitter Park Dong-won hit a ball that flew toward the third base dugout, but missed it while trying to catch it. Yoon Do-hyun, who quickly went to the dugout, chased after the batted ball turned inside, but failed to catch it. He was recorded as an error.

And at the end of the 7th inning, the second at-bat came from first base, but was replaced by pinch hitter Kim Gyu-seong.토토사이트

On April 2nd, Doyoung Kim suffered an injury that broke his left little toe while running base against SSG Landers. Kim Do-yeong, who has been receiving treatment in Japan, is expected to be able to return around July at her current pace.

Will Yoon Do-hyun be able to establish his position before Kim Do-young returns? He wonders if he’ll ever see the one shot at Futures.

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