“KIM·KIM·KIM+We Are The Champion!” A goosebumps victory celebration show filmed by Kim Min-jae himself, an amazing realism like a well-made zombie-war movie

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 ‘Winning Monster’ Kim Min-jae (Napoli) transformed into a film director in front of home fans.

On the 8th (Korean time), Kim Min-jae captured the victory ceremony with a mobile phone camera after winning 1-0 against Fiorentina at the Armando Diego Maradona Stadium in Naples, Italy in the 2022-2023 season Italian Serie A round 34.

Watching the video taken by Kim Min-jae, you can feel the realism of a well-made zombie-disaster-war movie. Kim Min-jae ran on the ground with his mobile phone and took pictures of the spectators and fellow players running around.

The song ‘We Are The Champions’ rang out in the stadium, and firecrackers exploded here and there. The smoke from the firecrackers, the lights from the cell phones lit by the fans, and the green lasers created a spectacular view.

Even after confirming the championship in the Udinese expedition on the 5th, Kim Min-jae enjoyed the championship by dyeing his hair in blue, the traditional color of Naples, but at the time, he could not enjoy it properly because he was defending his uniform from fans who invaded the stadium. The celebration show enjoyed at the home stadium where Maradona’s soul dwells was definitely different. He walked around the stadium, greeted fans, and spread his arms out in front of the home supporters, leaving a picture of a ‘lifelong possession’.

Kim Min-jae,스포츠토토 who received the ‘Guard of Honor’ from Fiorentina players before the match, experienced unforgettable moments after the match, receiving applause from home fans. Fans shouted ‘KIM KIM KIM’ when cheering for Kim Min-jae. On this day, Kim Min-jae started without fail and played full-time, and Napoli celebrated the victory by winning 1-0 with Victor Osimen’s penalty first goal in the second half.

Min-jae Kim played in 33 of the 34 league games the team played this season, the first season with Napoli, and supported the team’s first championship in 33 years. Napoli manager Luciano Spalletti called him “the best centre-back in the world”. After winning the championship, he said, “As a Korean, I am really happy to win the Italian league and to promote Korea again.”

Italian media, Gazzetta dello Sport, reported that Napoli would consider a transfer if Manchester United offered 60 million euros for the signing of Kim Min-jae.

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