‘Kanun’ landed tomorrow morning… “100mm water bomb per hour”

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Although the path of Typhoon ‘Kanun’ has changed a little, it is expected to land on the southern coast tomorrow morning as expected.

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Strong winds with a maximum instantaneous wind speed of 144 kilometers per hour are expected on the southern coast, and water bombs exceeding 100 mm per hour are expected in Yeongdong, Gangwon.

This is Reporter Dayoung Moon.

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Typhoon Kanun, No. 6, is currently moving northward in the sea about 140km south of Kagoshima, Japan, maintaining a strong force with a maximum wind speed of 126km/h in the center.

The Korea Meteorological Administration predicted that Kanun would pass through the center of the Korean peninsula after landing on the southern coast tomorrow morning, and pass around 40 km northeast of Seoul the next morning and pass through to North Korea.

[Woo Jin-gyu/Meteorological Administration Forecast Analyst]
“Depending on how much the edge of the North Pacific high pressure extending from the east affects, future typhoons (there is variability)토토사이트 that the forecast may change little by little to the west or east.” The Korea Meteorological Administration this

afternoon Starting with Jeju Island, it is predicted that the south coast from nighttime, and the Jeolla region, Gyeongsang region, and southern Chungcheong region will be directly affected by the typhoon by early morning tomorrow.

Then, from the morning, typhoon warnings will be announced in turn in the entire Chungcheong area, southern Gyeonggi, and southern Gangwon, and in the afternoon, the metropolitan area and Gangwon-do.

Due to the direct influence of the typhoon, strong winds will blow across the country, especially on the southern coast, with strong winds blowing at 144 km/h tonight, enough to derail trains.

Very heavy rain is also expected across the country.

Up to 600mm of rain was predicted for three days in Yeongdong, Gangwon, and there may be places where water bombs of more than 100mm per hour are pouring.

In addition, there will be places where more than 300mm of rain falls in the Jeolla and Gyeongsang areas and up to 200mm in the metropolitan area.

While typhoon warnings are currently in effect centering on the southern seas, the special warnings will gradually be expanded to all seas.

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