Kakao, operating profit in the second quarter 34% compared to the previous year… Quarterly sales exceeded 2 trillion won for the first time

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Kakao announced on the 3rd that it had토토사이트 tentatively calculated that its operating profit for the second quarter of this year on a consolidated basis was KRW 113.5 billion, down 33.7% from the same period last year. Net profit fell 44.4% to 56.3 billion won.This is a performance below the stock market consensus (average forecast). FnGuide, a financial information company, predicted that Kakao’s second quarter operating profit would record 124.4 billion won.However, sales increased by 12.1% over the same period to KRW 2.425 trillion, surpassing KRW 2 trillion in quarterly sales for the first time. Sales in the platform division increased by 6.2% to KRW 988.7 billion. During the same period, Talkbiz (KakaoTalk business) sales continued to grow, recording KRW 503 billion, up 11.0%.On the other hand, sales of Portal Biz (portal business) decreased by 12.6% to only KRW 89.5 billion. Other platform sales increased by 5.7% to KRW 396.3 billion due to the growth of other business sectors such as Kakao Mobility and the increase in overseas payment transaction volume of Kakao Pay.Sales in the content division were KRW 1.538 trillion, up 18.2% from the same period last year. Sales of the music and story divisions increased by 129.7% and 1.5%, respectively, to KRW 480.7 billion and KRW 231 billion.However, sales in the media and game divisions fell by 37.7% and 20.3%, respectively, to 73.5 billion won and 268.6 billion won, respectively.In the second quarter of this year, operating expenses increased by 16.8% to KRW 1,929 billion, due to investments in artificial intelligence ( 

AI )-related infrastructure, data center multiplexing, and incorporation into a consolidated company.Kakao said, “Sales growth has slowed due to the negative internal and external environment, and fixed costs such as labor costs, infrastructure costs, and depreciation due to increased facility investment have increased in recent years. Investments in new businesses such as AI and healthcare also had an impact 

. ” said.“In the second half of the year, sales and operating profit will gradually recover, and next year, growth will accelerate in earnest,” he said. It does,” he explained.

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