Jeon In-ji, who debuted as a painter, “Please watch over the new artist Jeon In-ji too”

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Please watch over Jeon In-ji, a new writer who just debuted.”

Jeon In-ji (28), who has been active as a professional golfer and has won 15 wins in Korea and the United States, made her official debut as a painter and asked us to support and watch her new start.

Jeon In-ji will hold a painting exhibition titled ‘Bird, Meet Dumbo: When Curiosity Becomes Art’ at Bon Gallery in Gwanhun-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul from the 17th to the 7th of next month. In the meantime, as a professional golfer, I will exhibit paintings that I have been drawing in my spare time, as well as 11 works drawn in collaboration with Park Seon-mi, who is famous as a ‘parrot painter’.

Jeon In-ji, who first released the work through a press conference on the 15th ahead of the opening, said, “The experience of working as a professional golfer for the past 10 years has also helped me to debut as an artist.” I didn’t have one, but as I prepared to debut as a new writer, I felt like I became a rookie even as a golf player.” He said that he felt that working as a professional golfer and writer would create synergy, so he waited for 2023 more years.

Inji Jeon became interested in painting by chance. After returning from a tour at the end of last year, while taking a break, I visited an exhibition by Park Seon-mi. Jeon In-ji, who had never studied painting before, suggested that she take her as a student to Park Seon-mi, thinking that she wanted to learn painting after watching the exhibition.

Artist Park Seon-mi accepted this offer and generously passed on her own know-how, and Jeon Ji-do also quickly fell in love with her paintings.

As I couldn’t neglect my professional golf activities, there were a lot of trials and errors at first. The more so, Jeon In-ji tried to draw sincere pictures only for herself.

The works exhibited this time were expressed in two main ways. The character ‘Dumbo’, which his fans attached and became his symbol, and the thoughts and moments he had felt while touring as a professional golfer for 10 years were captured in pictures.

The piece ‘Why am I here?’, displayed on the first floor of the gallery, is a close-up of the character Dumbo’s face and contains difficult moments while working as a professional golfer. Inspired by a painting called ‘Self-Reflection’ drawn by her teacher, Park Seon-mi, she expresses the moment she looks back on her difficult times.

The picture titled ‘108’ captures the anguish of a professional golfer. 108 question marks were expressed as if they were being sucked into a black hole, 토토사이트 which means that the size of a golf hole is 108mm, and that golf and life are also connected to the 108 thoughts in Buddhism.

Jeon In-ji said, “Because he was on tour at the same time, he didn’t have much time to work. So I tried to be more sincere when drawing,” he explained. “I sketched on a moving plane while on tour, and whenever inspiration came to me, I sketched and then put what I thought into work in the studio.” He added, “Once I drew a picture, I fell in love with it to the point of sleeping in the studio.

Jeon In-ji’s facial expression as she explained her own paintings on display that day was quite different from what she showed in the field. She was serious, but smiled brightly.

Jeon In-ji said, “Many players do hobbies and try to balance their lives. Those things help relieve the stress accumulated during the game and improve performance again, but it’s actually not easy,” he said. “After drawing, when I picked up the golf club again, I got a new motivation, and the time I spent working with the teacher (artist Park Seon-mi) It was a meaningful time in itself. It is also true that those things led to positive energy and good influence in golf and became the driving force for winning the championship in four years.”

Jeon In-gee succeeded in her revival by lifting the championship trophy in the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship, a major U.S. Women’s Professional Golf (LPGA) Tour tournament, in June after 3 years and 8 months since October 2018.

Jeon In-ji, who made a surprise transformation as a professional golfer and then a painter, expected to communicate more with her fans and the public through her various art activities in the future.

She said, “I think I will be able to show more through paintings besides what I showed in this exhibition,” and added, “I plan to continue working whenever the opportunity arises. I want to capture more of my thoughts while playing golf and what I felt while working as a player in her work,” she said.

Jeon In-ji, who did not take enough rest to prepare for the exhibition after finishing the season, will leave for Palm Springs, California, USA on January 2nd after recharging for a while to prepare for the 2023 season.

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