Japan’s Sobang underage players caught drinking during a live SNS game ‘discipline’

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 Two promising players for the Softbank Hawks of the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) were punished for drinking alcohol during an SNS live.

According to Japanese local media’Weekly Munchun’, two pitchers, Daisei Kimura and Koki Kato, who were motivated for the 2021 rookie draft, turned on social media live at around 9:30 pm on the 15th. It was a content to show fans how to play the baseball game ‘Pro Baseball Spirit’.

The two players went live on social media with Gato’s account in the team’s dormitory room. As fans watched them play, they noticed an item that shouldn’t be in the room. A can of Chu-Hi on top of the refrigerator in the room.

Chuhai is a weak liquor with an alcohol content of about 3%, but both Kimura and Kato were born in 2003 and are still 19 years old. After seeing the fans’ comments, Kimura hurriedly removed the can, raising suspicion.메이저놀이터

They immediately turned off the live and resumed it an hour later, but fans continued to point out the wrong behavior by commenting, “Where did the alcohol go?” An official from the Softbank club later told the media, “As a result of checking with the two players, it was recognized that they were drinking, and the club took appropriate measures.”

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