It’s already been 9 years?…Vale, El Clasico ‘Chidalgoal’ uploaded “Good memories”

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Gareth Bale (33), who is now more familiar with golf, shared his ‘greatest’ goal scene. It was the goal in the ‘El Clasico’ match held on April 16, 9 years ago.

Bale posted on his social network (SNS) on the 17th (Korean time), ‘9 years ago today, great memories’. Attached to the article was the scene of his goal 9 years ago. The match was the final match of the 2013-14 Spanish King’s Cup, and it was a game in which Bale scored a ‘previous’ goal and won the championship cup for the team.

At that time, Real Madrid was the season when Carlo Ancelotti’s ‘1st period’ began, and Bale, Isco, and Dani Carvajal joined. It is also the time when the BBC (Bale-Karim Benzema-Cristiano Ronaldo) line, called the all-time attacking team, was established for the first time.

But apart from fame, Ancelotti’s first season was not good. In both El Clasicos held in the league, both lost by one point, and in the Madrid derby, only one draw and one loss. The final league position was 3rd, their worst finish since 2003-04 when they finished 4th.

Even so, it was Real who finally laughed. First, in the King’s Cup final, they met Barcelona and won 2-1 thanks to Bale’s ‘Chidal’ winning goal. It was a result achieved even though Ronaldo was missing at the time. 

Then, in May of that year,메이저사이트 he met with AT Madrid in the 2013-14 European Football Federation Champions League final and won 4-1 after extra time. It was the moment when Real achieved the long-awaited ‘La Decima’ (UCL 10th championship).

Bale also impressed in both finals in his first year of transfer, scoring a come-from-behind goal in the UCL final. Since then, Bale, who has won 4 UCL championships, 3 La Liga championships and 4 FIFA Club World Cups, took off his uniform at the end of January 2023.

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