Italian 18-year-old female volleyball player, extreme choice in away hotel

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An Italian women’s volleyball player regretted making an extreme choice at the away accommodation after the 2023 European Volleyball Federation (CEV) Champions League match.

According to the daily Corriere della Sera, Julia Ituma (18), a light striker for Igor Gorgonzola Novara in the first division of Italian women’s volleyball, committed suicide on the 13th (local time) from the 6th floor of the away hotel in Istanbul, Turkey. Reaped.

On the 12th, the day before the accident, Igor Gorgonzola Novara lost with a set score of 0-3 in the second leg of the 2023 CEV Champions League semi-final away to Turkiye’s ‘strong’ Exasibashi.

Ituma played all three sets but scored only two points. Igor Gorgonzola Novara won the first leg 3-2 at home, but lost the second leg and failed to advance to the final.

In the Champions League, 3 points are awarded for a 3-0 or 3-1 win, and 2 points for a 3-2 win.

Born in Milan, Italy, Ituma is of Nigerian parents.

She is in the mood that her teammates do not understand why a promising player who also played for the Italian youth national team took her own life.

Her teammates issued a statement saying, “We don’t understand what happened. If there were any signs that this was going to happen, we would have intervened in support of each other. It’s a shame we couldn’t share Julia’s pain.” said.먹튀검증

The Turkish daily Huriyet reported that Ituma had told teammates and coaches that he was not feeling well and had taken the extreme decision after writing “goodbye” in English in a team chat room.

Local Italian media reported that Ituma’s phone conversation with a friend for a long time in the hallway before he committed suicide was captured on a closed-circuit (CC) TV screen, and that the police are investigating the exact cause of the accident by analyzing Ituma’s mobile phone.

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