It broke again before the first game… Even after returning to Germany, the ‘glass body’ remains

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Butterfly Keita (28, Werder Bremen), who had been rotting Liverpool fans due to frequent injuries, showed her ‘glass body’ temperament in Germany as well. Ahead of Werder Bremen’s unofficial debut, he left the field due to a sudden injury.

Werder Bremen, currently in pre-season, started the match ahead of a friendly match against VFB Oldenburg on the 16th (Korean time), saying, “Keita felt a little pain, and Nick Voltemade (21) will replace him.” Officially announced 3 minutes ago. Despite the embarrassing situation, Werder Bremen went on a two-game winning streak in pre-season with a토토사이트 3-1 victory.

This match could have been Keita’s unofficial debut against Werder Bremen. However, an unexpected injury hindered Keita’s performance. Upon hearing the news of Keita’s pain right before the game, coach Ole Werner (35, Germany) excluded him from the list to prevent injury.

Keita, who suffered all sorts of injuries in Liverpool and fell into a ‘eating and running’, has not changed her temperament with a glass body. Keita, who finished his accompaniment with Liverpool this summer, returned to the Bundesliga after five years with a transfer to Werder Bremen. But from the start, it’s an unusual look. It’s a light pain, so it’s a situation where he can compete in the next game, but looking at Keita’s injury history, even mild pain is unsettling.

During his five seasons at Liverpool, Keita missed 105 games through injury. He was also injured in various areas, including ankles, hamstrings, muscles, and groin. He was brought in to energize the midfield, but most of the news he heard was about rehabilitation rather than performance. The 2022-23 season, which was the last season of his contract, also played only 13 games, ignoring the expectations of coach Jurgen Klopp (56, Germany).

Meanwhile, Liverpool fans who heard the news of Keita’s injury posted on Werder Bremen’s social network service (SNS), “Keita did Keita”, “Minor pain means you don’t want to play today”, “Welcome to Keita’s show” Etc. He responded that he was still the same.

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