“Is the police a neighborhood drum?” A cheering wreath at the Osong police box that was not dispatched

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On the 27th, cheering wreaths were lined up in front of the Osong police box, which is suspected of responding poorly in the process of handling 112 reports at the time of the Cheongju Osong underground road accident in which 24 people were killed카지노.

The National Police Workers Association in each region, which plays the role of a police labor union, sent about 30 wreaths with messages such as “Please do your best” and “You did your best” to the Osong police box this morning. In addition to flower garlands, the police box is known to deliver flower pots, cup noodles, and drinks.

Previously, on the 25th, the Cheongju Heungdeok Police Station workplace council said, “The employees suffered through the night in heavy rain, but after the request of the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office for the Prime Minister’s Office, a search and seizure continued in all directions.” I am proud” and sent a message to the presidency of each local police association to send a wreath.

Since the previous day, the direct police association has been holding a relay one-man demonstration on the sidewalk in front of the Government Complex Sejong Office for Government Policy Coordination, asking not to shift responsibility for the disaster to the police. They held up pickets with slogans such as “Is the police a neighborhood drum?”

Chungcheongbuk-do police are accused of failing to take appropriate action after receiving a 112 call requesting emergency control of the underpass one hour before the disaster, and making a false report as if they were dispatched to another accident site to hide it during the inspection of the State Affairs Office.

The Heungdeok Police Station 112 Situation Room, which received a report from a citizen saying “the Gungpyeong underpass is likely to overflow, needs vehicle control,” issued an order to the Osong police box patrol car to go to the underpass, but the patrol car did not go to the scene.

At the time, the patrol car was processing a report of heavy rain damage received at the same time, and the order was not delivered because the tablet PC of the patrol car was not working.

The patrol car did not go to the scene, but the Heungdeok Police Station situation room processed the report as ‘arrival closed’ in about 10 minutes after receiving the report.

Accordingly, the prosecution started a search and seizure of the Chungbuk Police Agency, Heungdeok Police Station, and Osong Police Box from the 24th.

In addition, the Office of State Affairs requested the prosecution to investigate six police officers belonging to the Chungbuk Police Agency.

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