“I’m never going to leave you out.” What was the word that made Lee Jae-hak ‘Ace’?

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NC Dinos Lee Jae-hak’s 2023 season started on May 21st.

There were ups and downs. After his last season, he obtained his first FA qualification, but stayed with NC for up to 900 million won for 2 + 1 years in a cold market evaluation. Lee Jae-hak is a ‘franchise star’ who won 76 wins in NC alone until last year. However, the last three years of sluggishness caught Lee Jae-hak’s ankle. Lee Jae-hak, who also achieved 10 wins for 4 consecutive years, has had a hard time since 2020 due to sudden sluggishness.

Even in the last season ahead of free agency, he went back and forth between starting and bullpen, leaving a disappointing record of 3 wins and 8 losses with an average ERA of 4.75 in 26 games.

In the end, he stayed with the original team NC, but after his free agency contract, he suffered the shock of being excluded from the 1st team spring camp list. Lee Jae-hak prepared for the season at the Masan Futuresteam Camp, not at the first-team camp in Arizona, USA. Lee Jae-hak also said, “I will train in the given environment,” but there was no way that his heart was good.

But at that time, Director Kang In-kwon’s words became an opportunity to catch my heart. And Lee Jae-hak, who had re-established himself, faithfully prepared for the season in the 2nd team. He was also eliminated from the opening entry, but silently began to erase his shortcomings. Lee Jae-hak was called up to his first team on May 21 after digesting the starting rotation in the Futures League.

After his return to the first team, a great turnaround unfolded. Lee Jae-hak recorded an overwhelming record of 2 wins and 1 loss with an average ERA of 0.72 in 4 games. He regained his ‘Ace’ mode perfectly.

Lee Jae-hak expresses his gratitude through interviews whenever good pitching continues, saying, “There are some words coach Kang In-kwon said right before the camp, and those words helped me prepare for the season without giving up.”

Coach Kang waved his hand and said, “I didn’t talk much. If a senior player doesn’t go to camp, he himself would think, ‘I’m excluded from this season.’ No. As I’ve been saying all along, there are things I want to see more of our young pitchers, so the camp will be focused on young pitchers, so don’t think about that at all and just prepare well. And never give up. Don’t be disappointed, I believe in you enough, so I hope you prepare well.” He laughed.

The warm words of the director, who accurately grasped his disappointed heart and touched him, served as an opportunity to melt away his upset.안전놀이터

Director Kang In-kwon said, “Then, the strawberry came back completely.” “Cutter and curve are very effective recently. As physical strength improved, the speed of the fastball increased, and the overall effect is being seen. As the cutter’s strike rate increased, left-handed batters There is a part that is not easy to respond to. There is a limit with only ‘two pitches’, but in a situation where the changeup is good, the cutter and curve seem to be effective, so it seems to lead the game with ease.” The director’s smiling face showed both his admiration and gratitude for Lee Jae-hak.

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