“If this happens, everyone will switch to iPhone?” Already ‘shaking’ in the barely 1cm hole

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“Following Apple Pay, this time we have a 1cm charging terminal.”

Following the arrival of ‘Apple Pay’ in Korea this year, stimulating demand for iPhone replacement, the ‘iPhone 15’ to be unveiled on the 12th (US local time) Attention is being paid to whether ”s new charging type will cause another iPhone ‘transfer’. In relation to this, ‘ SellCell ‘ , a global smartphone price comparison platform, is attracting attention by releasing the results of its own survey on the 5th.

1,059 iPhone users and 1,023 Android phone users participated in the survey conducted by Cellcell. It was found that 44% of Android phone users answered that they would consider purchasing the iPhone 15, which has a new USB-C type. 63% of iPhone users also answered that they could replace it with the iPhone 15 because of the new charging terminal.

Apple has maintained its proprietary charging terminal, Lightning Connect, since the iPhone 5 series in 2012. However, change became inevitable as the European Union ( EU ) agreed to unify the charging ports of all smartphones and tablet PCs as USB-C type in June last year.

As 27 member countries decided to enforce the USB-C type starting토토사이트 in 2024, they eventually replaced it with the USB-C type starting with the iPhone 15 series. Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy smartphones are already using the USB-C type.

Phone Arena, an IT media outlet, predicted that although Apple reluctantly switched to the C type due to the EU ‘s compulsion, this would actually stimulate demand for iPhones and Apple may have to be grateful to the EU .

While many IT devices have already introduced Type C, if Apple also adopts Type C, users will be able to charge multiple electronic products with a single charger, thereby increasing convenience. Its advantage is that it is compatible with chargers from a variety of devices without being tied to the Apple ecosystem.

However, some users predict that with wireless charging becoming increasingly common, they will not decide whether to purchase the iPhone 15 solely based on the switch to Type C. In a Cellcell survey, 31% of iPhone users responded that the new charging type would not affect their replacement with the iPhone 15. The position is, “It is not a groundbreaking change,” and “Price is the most important factor to consider.”

Meanwhile, there are also speculations that Apple will introduce new wired earphones as it changes to Type C starting with the iPhone 15 series. MacRumors, an American IT media outlet, reported in May that Apple was changing the charging terminal starting with the iPhone 15 and producing new wired earphones.

Recently, in Korea, expectations are rising as the younger generation’s retro sensibility and the nostalgia for Apple’s unique white earphone sensibility have formed.

Wired earphones, which were thought to be outdated in favor of wireless earphones, have recently been attracting new attention as a fashion item for idol stars. Unlike wireless earphones, the fact that there is no hassle of frequent charging or risk of losing them is also cited as a reason to look for wireless earphones again.

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