“I was molested for paying money” Hive idol fan signing event ‘underwear inspection’ scandal

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Claims were raised that Hive’s global idol group ‘ &Team ‘ inspected fans’ underwear at a fan signing event. The organizers expressed an apology, but the excommunication continues.

ANTIM, a member of Hive Japan토토사이트, held a fan signing event to commemorate the release of their second mini album on the 8th. However, fans who attended the event on this day are complaining of displeasure by posting reviews on social networking services ( SNS ) saying that they were subjected to underwear inspections that were close to sexual harassment.

Since the use of electronic devices for recording and filming is usually prohibited at celebrity fan signing events, belongings are inspected. However, this time it was argued that it was too much. According to fans, at the time, the staff said that they would search their bodies to see if they were carrying electronic devices such as smart watches because they were concerned about recording or filming.

Mr. A, who attended the event, said on social media immediately after the event was over, “It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a bra check at a fan signing event.” Mr. B said, “I pressed her upper breasts, and then I pressed her lower breasts too, and touched her hard, so I was embarrassed and said, ‘That’s my breast

Ms. C also said, “I said, ‘I’m touching my breasts,’ and then I said, ‘Watch, right?’ While doing so, he took me to a small space and told me to put on my clothes,” he said. It was so disgraceful and I felt like my human rights were at a loss.”

In addition, there were other claims such as “I touched her, but it wasn’t just a scan, she touched, stabbed and sexually molested me here and there”, “I touched her breasts right next to her, and when I thought ‘I need to take it off’ or ‘I need to touch it more to understand’, I took her back.”

As testimonies from fans poured in, “underwear inspection” once emerged as a real-time trend on Twitter. Among netizens who heard the news, reactions such as “Do I have to give up my human rights to like idols”, “Did I pay for sexual harassment”, and “I have to sue” continued.

“I will introduce non-contact” explanation… “Do you use a metal detector now?”

Regarding this, Weverse Shop, which hosted the fan signing event on the 9th, said on its homepage, “We would like to apologize to the fans who participated in the security body check by female security officers at the face-to-face fan signing event of ANTIM.” .

“The fan signing event is a place for one-on-one conversations between artists and fans, and we have strictly restricted the bringing of electronic equipment to prevent a situation where recordings are leaked and become embarrassing,” he said. He explained that there were many cases of importation.

“No matter how much it is for security reasons, I am well aware that it cannot be a basis for making fans uncomfortable. “We sincerely apologize for this happening on site,” he said. “We will prepare improvements such as introducing a non-contact method for security purposes in the future.”

However, the anger of the fans does not seem to subside easily. Fans posted complaints on social media such as “The underwear test is controversial, so now metal detectors are being introduced”, “Recording is not a crime, but sexual harassment is clearly a crime, but it is not a proper apology”.


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