I was assaulted by Valverde… Villarreal FW, “I even received death threats”

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After the game, Alex Baena, who claimed to have been assaulted by another team player, issued a statement and declared an indictment.

Alex Baena said on his SNS on the 11th (Korean time) that he had received death threats after claiming that he had been assaulted by Federico Valverde. 

Baena played as a left striker in the 28th round of La Liga in the 2022/23 season between Real Madrid and Villarreal held at the Santiago Bernabeu on the 9th.

Reports surfaced that Baena was assaulted by Valverde in the parking lot after the match. Reports suggested that Baena made insulting comments to Valverde regarding his family during a Copa del Rey match last January. On this day, the same remarks continued, and it is said that Valverde could not stand it. 

Villarreal claimed to have footage of the parking lot, and the police also launched an investigation. A day later, on the 10th, Baena personally filed a complaint against Valverde with the police. 

Baena later said in a statement: “Last Saturday, after a match against Real Madrid, I was attacked by a teammate. After the incident, several comments from an opponent’s entourage came to light, saying that I wished his family ill.메이저놀이터 There was no evidence,” he said. 

“The wounds my family suffered were unjustified and I even received death threats through private messages. So yesterday I reported him to the police and I need to bring justice. Now my only goal is to focus on my work and the team’s It’s about helping you achieve your goals.” 

Meanwhile, Valverde did not respond in his first official appearance after the incident. The Real Madrid club also did not issue a statement. 

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