“I want to recruit Kim Min-jae”… Liverpool calling Naples

Premier League prestigious Liverpool picked up the phone to recruit Kim Min-jae (26, SSC Napoli).

Italian media Il Martino reported on the 6th (Korean time) that “Liverpool came into action after Virgil Van Dijk suffered an injury.”

Liverpool’s key defender Pandayk was replaced during the game due to a hamstring injury in the 2022/23 Premier League round 19 match against Brentford held on the 3rd.

Reporter Paul Joyce, who is well versed in Liverpool news, explained that “Pandyk’s injury is more serious than expected.”

Liverpool, who are having a difficult season in sixth place this season, began considering scouting a replacement in the winter transfer window in January when a key defender was injured.

The media reported that “Liverpool immediately called Napoli after Pandayk was out of power due to a hamstring injury.”

Kim Min-jae, who moved to Naples last summer, won the Serie A Player of the Month award in September and the AIC 스포츠토토 (Italian Football Association) Player of the Month award in October as soon as he made his debut, becoming the best defender in the league.

In the 2022/23 season UEFA (European Football Federation) Champions League group stage group A, he played in both matches against Liverpool and showed a good appearance, proving that he also works on the top European stage.

Kim Min-jae’s performance immediately attracted the attention of big European clubs, and as Liverpool, a prestigious Premier League and world-class club, also paid attention, domestic soccer fans imagined Kim Min-jae playing for Liverpool and inflated their expectations.

Meanwhile, it turns out that Liverpool isn’t the only Premier League club targeting Kim Min-jae.

Italian media Gazzetta dello Sport said, “Manchester United was interested in signing Kim Min-jae in November of last year.” said.

Coincidentally, with both long-time rival teams aiming for Kim Min-jae, attention is paid to whether Kim Min-jae will soon enter the Premier League stage.