“I usually threaten with scissors”… Teacher who tried to stop elementary school student faints

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Allegations were made that a first-grade student at an elementary school in Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do continued to physically assault his homeroom teacher and students in the same class.

It is reported that the homeroom teacher fainted while trying to stop the student from assaulting the student and has been hospitalized for several days.

According to the Gyeongbuk Provincial Office of Education on the 13th, B, a female teacher in her 30s, suffered convulsions and fainted while trying to stop A, who was behaving aggressively, in a first-grade classroom at an elementary school in Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do on the 7th.

As the class did not proceed smoothly due to her child A’s aggressive tendencies, classes were held from April to May with her mother A in the classroom at the request of teacher B.

It is known that Person A regularly threatened her homeroom teacher and classmates with scissors or pencils.

Teacher B said, “Suddenly, A’s mother returned home immediately after school without attending school,” and she said, “I asked what was going on안전놀이터, and the principal said she had been notified not to come to school anymore.”

It is said that since that day, Group A’s violent tendencies have become increasingly severe, and the number of students imitating him has increased.

Teacher B said, “I didn’t know when or how the student would behave unexpectedly, so I went to the principal and complained of physical and mental difficulties, saying, ‘Please find a way to protect me.’ I created an internal plan to prepare for an emergency and protected the school’s rights. “We requested to hold a committee, but no clear plan was prepared,” he claimed.

The Gyeongbuk Provincial Office of Education and the Andong Office of Education are investigating the circumstances of the incident at the school and are working to resolve the situation, but the school and the homeroom teacher, Mr. B, are continuing to argue.

An official from the Andong Office of Education said, “The school vice principal, principal, or the head of the school affairs department in charge of educational rights say, ‘The homeroom teacher has never requested to hold a committee to protect educational rights.’ It seems that the school only recently realized the seriousness of the situation.” He explained.

At the same time, “My mother attended the first semester due to the student’s hyperactivity, and no unusual situation occurred once when my mother was there,” she said. “Starting in June, my mother stopped attending because the homeroom teacher said, ‘He is doing well now.’” He added, “It was confirmed from .”

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