“I thought it was possible to switch to point guard, but I found a way” Lee Jung-hyun’s confidence

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Lee Jung-hyun laughed on the last day of the regular season. 

Goyang Carrot Jumpers won 101-72 in a match against Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball regular league at Goyang Gymnasium on the 29th.

Lee Jung-hyun played an active role until the final game of the regular league, leading Carrot to victory. Lee Jung-hyun recorded 16 points and 3 assists, leading the team to a great victory. 5th place Carrot finished the regular season with 28 wins and 26 losses with Lee Jung-hyun at the fore.

Lee Jung-hyun said of his victory, “It’s really nice to be able to win the last game of the regular season in front of home fans. But the playoffs are just around the corner, and that game is much more important, so we should prepare well.”

This is Lee Jung-hyun, who performed so well in the playoffs last season that the word “rookie” was colorless.

Lee Jung-hyun said, “It’s a place I really wanted to go to. I was really excited and wanted to go. There were many low-level evaluations before the season, and from that time on, we prepared really hard with the goal of advancing to the playoffs in the sixth round. And I’m glad that the results of preparing with the coaches and coaches came out. I will prepare well so that I can go up to a higher place, not the end in the 6th round.”

It was the first time that Lee Jung-hyun played all of the regular league as a solid full-time starter. He could have been a burden, but he overcame it well.

Lee Jung-hyun said, “It was really hard. I missed just two games because it was so physically difficult, but it’s fortunate that I finished without major injuries. Thanks to the trainers taking good care of me, I was able to play with a lot of playing time and roles. I played the season and it was very fun and I had a lot of experiences. There were times when I was timid and hidden, and there were times when I was excited, but I will plant it as a good experience and try to do better next season.”

Regarding the fact that he ranked first in average playing time (34 minutes and 2 seconds), he said, “There were times when there were many games in a short time. I am grateful that I was given the time.”

In particular, Lee Jung-hyun overcame the slump and performed very well at the end of the season.

Lee Jeong-hyun said,카지노사이트 “From the second half of the 5th round, I felt that I had realized, although there was no special reason. I started to see room and a way, and I started to learn the timing. Before the season and throughout the season, I wondered, ‘Is it possible to be a point guard?’ I had a lot of experience while playing full-time and digesting one season.”

“Before, I played games mainly with 3-point shots. I also went well. However, as my pace fell and my shots started not going in, I tried to find a clue by breaking through with the mid-range jumper I originally liked. There are more options and more space,” he added.

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