Hwang Kyo-ik “The Tanghulu trend isn’t funny… Those broadcasts at the time are the problem.”

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Taste columnist Hwang Kyo-ik criticized the need to be wary of the ‘Tanghulu craze.’ On the 9th, Hwang Kyo-ik said on his SNS

about the Tanghulu craze, “Because of this trend, many media outlets are plastered with articles about youth health concerns,” and “When food broadcast programs break down vigilance against the party to increase viewership ratings, they say nothing. “The fact that you even took sides is ridiculous,” he said. He continued, “This is one of the many phenomena that are occurring because the guard against the ‘party’ has collapsed.” He continued, “It was not Tanghulu that was the problem, but the broadcast programs at the time that broke the guard against the party. The problem was. You should have worried about it back then. “Why are you doing this now?” he criticized. At the same time, Hwang Kyo-ik said, “We must not forget that such meanness has greatly damaged the health of our future generations.” Tanghulu, which has recently become popular among students, is a Chinese snack made by hardening fruits such as tangerines, geobongs, strawberries, shine muscats, kiwis, tangerines, and cherry tomatoes with sugar syrup.

You can enjoy a crunchy texture because of the thinly hardened sugar syrup, but when the crumbly syrup falls to the floor, it immediately creates stickiness.

However, due to ‘Tanghulu’ becoming a popular snack바카라 for the MZ generation, voices of dissatisfaction are rising as not only trash but also bugs are infesting the city. Accordingly, environmental experts also pointed out the need to increase the effectiveness of crackdowns.

Previously, in 2018, he criticized restaurant researcher Baek Jong-won for using excessive sugar on broadcast. At the time, he called Baek Jong-won a ‘sugar boy’ and said, “You must be wary of the sweetness of sugar. The sweetness of sugar stimulates the brain and induces overeating. Food that relies on sugar is never delicious food. Enjoy the pleasure of food properly.” “If you want to do it, you have to throw away Baek Jong-won’s recipe,” he said.

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