Home Opener’ KIA-Champions Field… Who sold all their jerseys?

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1 hour and 20 minutes before the start of the game, already over 500 spectators entered the ‘KIA Team Store’, which sells uniforms and various goods inside the Kia Champions Field in Gwangju.

The home opener of the KIA Tigers was held on the 7th at Champions Field. The 2023 regular season started on the 1st, but this day is the first time the KIA team will make their debut in front of the home crowd. KIA will play a home opening series against the Doosan Bears from the 7th to the 9th.

KIA fans are also happy with the new season. Not only Gwangju, Jeollanam-do, but also KIA fans from all over the country gathered together.

Jeon Nan-joo (36), an office worker who visited Champions Field in the morning in Seoul on this day, has been a KIA fan for 20 years. It is said that Jeon has been a long-time KIA fan, but he only went to the stadium near Seoul, and he has not yet visited the Champions Field since the opening. So he has a bucket list of things he wants to do at Champions Field to enjoy his home opener. Today is the day Jeon made that wish come true.

Mr. Jeon visited the stadium with a flushed expression and immediately stood in line to enter the team store. Although the weather is rather chilly, Mr. Jeon said that he must buy a uniform for this season even if he has to wait. Ahead of the season, KIA collaborated with ‘IAB STUDIO’, a clothing brand created by famous rapper Beenzino. The KIA uniform fits perfectly with the ‘MZ generation’ sensibility.

The uniform Mr. Jeon chose was the one with the markings of infielder Kim Do-young. Alas, but the size I wanted was not available. There was more than an hour left until the start of the game, but among the uniforms with Kim Do-young’s markings, the average size for adults, medium (M) and large (L), were all sold out.

Mr. Jeon had no choice but to pick up a uniform with no name on it and went to mark it with ‘Kim Do-Young 5′. All the people who came to mark in front of Mr. Jeon came to put the name of Kim Do-young. Although out of the first half of this season was confirmed due to injury, Kim Do-young was the KIA Tigers’ most popular player at a glance.

Mr. Jeon coolly paid 317,000 won for the uniform and KIA baseball jumper, saying, “I am here,” and headed to the outfield with a proud smile and a newly purchased Kim Do-young marking uniform. According to a KIA official,먹튀검증 the pre-order ticket sales on this day are 12,000 seats, and the sales rate is about 60%.

Mr. Jeon said, “It’s a pity that all the seats in the infield home support are full, but I’m going up to the outfield.” KIA Tigers Fighting! Let’s win this year!” He clenched his fists.

On the other hand, ahead of the home opening match, Choi Hyeong-woo and Yang Hyeon-jong held a fan signing event, and the dance team ‘Miss Molly’, which moved beyond Gwangju to the world, presented a congratulatory performance.

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