Has there ever been a game like this?”, ‘Score → loss → score → loss’ Hyundai E&C’s ‘self-destruction’

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“It’s so unfortunate that I wonder if there was a game like this.”

I wonder if this is a team that stood shoulder to shoulder with 15 consecutive victories since the opening of the women’s division, which they established two years ago. Suwon Hyundai E&C collapsed with a loss from the first spring volleyball game.

Hyundai E&C, led by coach Seong-hyung Kang, scored a set score of 3-1 (18-18) in the first round of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Women’s Playoffs (PO, 2 wins in 3 games) with Gimcheon Korea Expressway Corporation held at the Indoor Gymnasium in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do on the 23rd. 25, 25-23, 15-25, 17-25).

Hyundai E&C, which had won 4 matches against road construction in spring volleyball, but this time, it was hardly used.

Hyundai E&C, which continued its solo system until the middle of the season, was in second place and faced the third-place team road construction in the home, but it was not easy to predict their clear advantage. Signs of cracking were visible from the time main gun Yasmin left due to injury. Afterwards, Kim Yeon-gyeon and Go Ye-rim suffered from injuries in succession, and Hyundai E&C had to give up the leading position to Incheon Heungkuk Life Insurance.

This season, the two teams are tight against each other with 3 wins and 3 losses. However, after Hyundai E&C went downhill, they lost all three matches. Before the match, coach Kang Seong-hyung said, “The defense is good, so it’s a burden,” but “At that time, we were in a weak state. I think today is different,” but the result was disappointing.

What was more disappointing than the offensive power was the ‘room flood’. On this day, Hyundai E&C recorded 28 crimes. Although they won the second set with difficulty, the flow of making mistakes immediately after scoring with difficulty was repeated. It was amazing to bring the set even after winning 10 rooms.

Except for the winning 2nd set, he was so lethargic that he never scored more than 20 points. Director Kang Seong-hyeong could not hide his disappointment. When we met after the game, he said, “It seems that the players (PO) were tense,” and said bitterly, “I thought they would overcome it, but it’s a pity that there was a game like this. The players should work harder.”

In the defense, the line of movement was twisted and it was often observed that players collided with each other. Director Kang Seong-hyung said, “I shouldn’t have been pushed in the receive line, but I was pushed too,” and regretted that “there were too many errors in the defense connection part.”

The fact that there is no clear method is even more troubling. Especially on this day, even Yang Hyo-jin, who was required to exert himself, scored 8 points, had an attack share of 10.13%, and had an attack success rate of 37.5%, which was less influential than usual.

Director Kang said,바카라 “There is nothing special. You have to find a way to save Hyojin.” You have to be on your toes,” he said.

Teams that caught the first leg in all-time POs went to the championship match 16 times without exception. Hyundai E&C, which climbs the Gimcheon Expedition Road from the edge of the cliff, challenges the history of miracles in difficult circumstances.

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