Hanyu Island, who failed to laugh even after leading SSG victory, declares return to batting form

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SSG Landers outfielder Han Yu-seom returns to his original batting form.

Hanyu Island, who debuted as a pro in 2012 at SK Wyverns, the predecessor of SSG, and posted a batting average of 0.272 and 166 homers and 542 RBIs until last year, took on a new challenge ahead of this season. I felt that the previous posture was at risk of injury, so I modified the batting form in a slightly higher direction.

However, he could hardly adapt to the new form. He did not draw a single arch for the month of April, and he had a batting average of 0.183 and 6 RBIs. Entering May, he hit his first home run of the season against Incheon KT Wiz (10-2 SSG win) on the 4th, but his season batting average remained at 0.179 until the away game against Kiwoom Heroes at Gocheok Sky Dome on the 7th.

In the game against Kiwoom on the 7th, when the opponent’s starting pitcher was predicted to be left-hander Eric Yokishi, Hanyu Island was dropped from the starting lineup. However, he showed his presence at the decisive moment.

In the top of the 7th inning, when SSG trailed 5-6, Park Seong-han’s hit and Choi Joo-hwan’s walk connected 2 out 1st and 2nd base with a pinch hit. hit the

Then, in the beginning of the 9th inning, when the two teams faced each other 6-6, Hanyu Island once again stood at bat in an important situation. Park Seong-han and Guillermo Heredia’s hits and Choi Ju-hwan’s walk made the bases loaded with one out. However, this time, Han Dong-min was not as lucky. Opponent left-handed bullpen pitcher Kim Jae-woong’s 6th ball was aimed hard, but the third baseman infield only made a fly.

However, Han Dong-min brushed off that regret at the beginning of the 11th inning. Choi Jeong-ui’s double and Choi Joo-hwan’s shortstop grounder hit the opponent’s error, and he hit the opponent’s right-hander reliever Kim Dong-hyuk’s 4th pitch at 1st and 3rd base, firing a sacrifice fly to the right field. Afterwards, left-handed pitcher Baek Seung-gun, who had been on the mound from the bottom of the 10th inning, blocked Kiwoom’s attack well in the bottom of the 11th, and Hanyu Island became the protagonist of the final stroke that day.

Hanyu Island, whom we met after the game, commented on the situation in which he hit a timely hit in the top of the 7th inning, saying, “The opposing pitcher has a fast ball and a fast ball, so I went in thinking that I should hit the fastball at the right timing. Even that was a little late, so (the ball) worked, but the course was good, so it became a hit,” he explained.

He continued, “I was able to finish it enough before (Episode 9), but I couldn’t solve it and went to the extension. A chance came in overtime and I went in (at bat) with the thought that I wanted to finish it unconditionally this time, but fortunately, a fly (battered ball) was made in the outfield and it became a sacrifice fly.”

Choi Jeong-eun, who hit home with Hanyu Island’s sacrifice fly, scored his 1299th career point. This is a record that is tied for second place in this category in the KBO League with commentator Yang Jun-hyuk. As an aside, the first place is Doosan Bears coach Lee Seung-yeop’s 1355 points.

Hanyu Island, who received a question about this, said, “How can I check all of Jung’s records (setting new records) if I just keep playing (laughs)?” He is such a good player. Especially when I hit it, I thought it was ambiguous because it was a shallow fly, but thanks to (Choi) Jeong-hyung’s hard work, it became a sacrifice hit and the team was able to win. I didn’t have a very good record, and I barely, barely hit it in the outfield, but I think I ran harder.”

At the same time, he declared a return to the original batting form.

Hanyu Island said, “It’s not at the stage where I can say that (the feeling of hitting) came up in my mouth or not. Now I’m back to square one and I’m trying to get back to the way I was when I was good last year.” I can’t call it a failure, but I want to put meaning into the fact that I tried. It’s unfortunate, but I don’t think now is the time to insist.”

He made this decision solely for the sake of the good performance of his team, SSG. “The team has to work well. Isn’t it just me playing baseball? If not, you have to train. I think I have to work hard while taking a lot of (training) and not hurting”. These are the words of Hanyu Island.

After many difficulties,토토사이트 Hanyu Island made the decision to return to its original batting form. Attention is focusing on whether he will be able to return as the slugger that everyone knew before.

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