GS Construction Gangnam New Apartment Flood Damage… Responding to a series of bad news

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 As the fact that a new apartment complex in Gaepo-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul was flooded due to heavy rain on the 11th became known through online communities, GS Construction is struggling .

The complex discussed online was constructed by GS E &C, and has recently been occupied.

Following the collapse of an underground parking lot at an apartment construction site in Geomdan New Town, Incheon in April, GS E &C cannot help but worry about damage to its image.

According to the industry on the 12th토토사이트, this apartment complex constructed by GS E&C was submerged in water throughout the complex, including the community center and pedestrian roads, due to heavy rain the day before.

Photos of water rising to the level of the ankles of pedestrians have been posted on real estate-related online communities one after another.

It started moving in at the end of February with 3,000 households of 18 to 73 pyeong.

Last month, there were leaks in some facilities, such as community centers and underground parking lots.

Regarding this, GS E &C said, “The area around the community center, where flood damage occurred the previous day, has a low land area and was designed without a step with the outside space to build it in an open type, so rainwater from outside came in.”

In addition, it explained that the leaks that occurred in some facilities last month were caused by the accumulation of sediment such as materials remaining after construction in the drainage canals, causing water to accumulate.

However, as water-related damage continues in a new complex that has not been occupied for half a year, some residents are raising concerns that it is a construction problem rather than heavy rain.

One resident said, ” There is talk of poor construction at GS Construction, but I’m so uneasy about whether our apartment is really safe,” and “I think we need to do an overall safety diagnosis again.”

In addition, it is also mentioned online that another apartment complex of GS Construction was flooded when the Gangnam area was flooded due to heavy rain last year.

Previously, GS E &C decided to reconstruct an apartment in Geomdan New City, Incheon, where a collapse accident occurred in an underground parking lot.

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