Green, second year in the big leagues, signed a 6-year contract with Cincinnati for 69.8 billion won

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 Major League Baseball (MLB) Cincinnati Reds signed a six-year contract with right-handed fastball starter Hunter Green (24) in the second year of the big league.

Cincinnati agreed to extend the contract with Green for 6 years and 53 million dollars (approximately 69.8 billion won). Cincinnati can extend a one-year contract with Green by paying $21 million (about 27.6 billion won) in 2029. If he wants to renege on his contract, the club will have to pay Green $2 million.

Green, who made his big league debut last year, served as a starting pitcher for two seasons. Green, who played 28 games as a starter, recorded 5 wins, 13 losses, 188 strikeouts, and an ERA of 4.42 in 142⅔ innings.

Green has made a name for himself as a top prospect since his high school days because of his 100+ mph fastball velocity. He began his minor league career by being selected second overall in the 2017 MLB Draft.

Cincinnati, which went through a team rebuild last year, picked and nurtured Green as a starting resource.

Green, who has a fastball that reaches a maximum speed of 165 km/h, showed an activity that was not like a rookie in the team.바카라 Green, who was appointed as the starter for the MLB opening game this season, pitched 4 times this season and recorded 24 strikeouts in 17 innings without a win or loss and an ERA of 4.24.

With excellent pitches, Green ranked third among National League pitchers with 12.7 strikeouts per nine innings this season.

“This contract reflects Hunter’s commitment to our club and community,” said Cincinnati CEO Bob Castellini. did.

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