Going to Korea with the recommendation of a foreigner released by Hanwha, the previous year’s ML 5 selection Dignity… Destruction of the KBO ecosystem

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NC foreign pitcher Eric Peddy (30), who spent a full season as the 5th starter in the major leagues last year, is destroying the KBO league ecosystem. It seems that adults have come where children play. 

On the 26th, Peddy led NC’s 11-0 victory by fighting against Hanwha in Changwon with 6 innings, 5 hits, 2 walks, 9 strikeouts and no runs. Up until this day, he has pitched in 10 games of the season, throwing 61⅓ innings, recording 8 wins, 1 loss, an average ERA of 1.47, 80 strikeouts, and a WHIP of 1.01. 

He is recording the highest level of results in the league, ranking 1st in wins and average ERA, 2nd in strikeouts, and 3rd in innings and WHIP. He catches up with Ahn Woo-jin (Kiwoom, 81), the first in strikeouts, by one difference, and is even surpassing the’Triple Crown’, the first foreign pitcher to win the most wins, average ERA, and strike out first. 

Centered on a two-seam fastball with an average of 148.2 km, he commands four types of pitches, including sweeper, changeup, and cutter, to the desired location, overwhelming batters. Not only the strikeout rate of 32.3%, but also the ground ball/floating ball out ratio is 2.23, which is unrivaled in the league. 

From the time he signed a contract with NC for a new foreign player in the KBO League in December of last year for a maximum of $1 million, Peddy raised questions about why he came to Korea. Peddie, who played six years after making his big league debut in Washington in 2017, has recently spent the season as a full-time starter for the second consecutive year. 

Kingham was released from both SK and Hanwha due to injuries. However, he proved that he is a good pitcher if he is healthy by playing 25 games (144 innings) in 2021 with a 10-8 loss and an average ERA of 3.19, and in March last year, his wife gave birth to a son in Korea. At the time, Kingham said, “Korean obstetrics and gynecology is really fantastic. He has good facilities and will help you right away if you need anything. Giving birth in Korea was a really good decision.” 

Although his body did not support him for a long time, Kingham, who liked Korea, told Peddy a good story and helped him to make up his mind. Kingham, who was released from Hanwha due to a brachial muscle injury in June last year, is currently in Taiwan. On the 5th, he continued his career in Asia by signing with Chongxin Brother, a Taiwanese professional baseball team. After entering Taiwan on the 7th, he is preparing for his first team debut by recording 4 runs (3 earned) in 2 games and 7 innings in the 2nd team. 메이저놀이터

Peddy, who decided to go to Korea on the recommendation of Kingham, is preparing a big turning point in his baseball life. With the development and development of pitches such as the sweeper and changeup, which he refined while coming to Korea, he has become a completely different pitcher from last year in Washington. The possibility of a major league U-turn is already being raised. Scouts in charge of Asia are checking Pedi. “I get a lot of questions like this, and it’s for the future,” Peddy said. For now, he only thinks about pitching the next game, although that’s what he hopes for. I will focus on NC,” he said.

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