“Giant parasite… don’t come to our neighborhood” Tourist cities boycott cruise ships

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According to the Wall Street Journal ( WSJ ) on the 3rd (local time), Bar Harbor on Desert Island in Maine, northeastern United States, held and passed a referendum in November last year to limit the number of travelers who can disembark from cruise ships at the port to 1,000 per day. .

Bar Harbor, which serves as the gateway to Acadia National Park, has a population of about 5,200, but several cruise ships accommodating about 4,000 people arrive here every day.

In this way, the number of tourists several times more than the number of local residents is visiting, causing inconvenience to the residents. A representative example is the case where passage in urban areas became difficult.

A 2021 poll commissioned by Bar Harbor found that more than half of respondents said “cruise tourism has had a negative impact on their quality of life.”

Juneau, the capital city of Alaska in the U.S., also began work to limit cruise ship entry in 2019, and signed an agreement with the cruise ship industry to limit the number토토사이트 of large ships carrying more than 950 passengers that can enter the port per day to five starting the following year. signed with Even in Juneau, which has a population of 32,000, there are times when 20,000 passengers disembark from cruise ships in just one day.

Following the United States, Europe is also restricting the entry of cruise ships due to concerns about environmental pollution.

Recently, activists in Europe have been holding demonstrations against the influx of cruise ships in Spain, Italy, France, and Norway.

In particular, last year in Norway, a protester hung up a placard calling cruise ship tourists ‘parasites’.

Local residents in Europe are also pointing out the damage that the gases emitted by cruise ships will have on their local communities.

Accordingly, Amsterdam decided to move the existing cruise ship terminal to another location. This is to control the number of tourists and reduce urban pollution. However, the exact transfer deadline has not been set.

Barcelona, ​​Spain, which has the largest number of cruise ship passengers in Europe, is also taking measures such as closing one cruise ship terminal to reduce gas emissions.

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