‘Full Count’ 10 stories of 10 Korean baseball teams

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Disney + original documentary series ‘Full Count’ has released 10 episode stills that capture the passionate drama of 10 professional baseball teams.

‘Full Count’ is the first sports documentary in Korea where 10 professional baseball teams participate, and you can see the world of fierce competition, the behind-the-scenes of the season, and the passion of the teams and players for baseball fans.

‘Full Count’ is a sports documentary that completes the drama of 10 teams’ different passions in 10 episodes, drawing attention from baseball fans. Through the main scenes of each episode of the 10 passionate drama stills released this time, the hottest scenes of last season, behind-the-scenes, and stories that no one knew were expected.

In the first episode, ‘Resurrection Time’, KT Wiz’ Park Byung-ho’s powerful pose catches the eye. Last season, the performance of KT Wiz’s Byeong-ho Park, who overturned everyone’s expectations and took the sole lead in home run, was a dramatic moment that announced the ‘resurrection time’.

The second installment, ‘Underdog’s Rebellion’ tells the story of Kiwoom Heroes, who were classified as underdogs in professional baseball. A series of transfers and trades of players leads to a drop in player morale, and it contains a drama centered on genius hitter Lee Jung-hoo, who was expected to be in the bottom ranks last season, but dreams of rebellion.

The steel of the third episode, ‘Wire to Wire’, attracts attention as the site of the intuitive support of SSG Landers owner Jeong Yong-jin. As the anticipation for winning the wire-to-wire grew, the SSG Landers, who were running in first place as last season began, contained stories that no one knew they had to deal with. The 4th episode [Autumn Baseball of Giants] contains the sprint to achieve the championship, the last dream of Lee Dae-ho, ‘Joseon’s number 4 hitter’. It is expected that Lee Dae-ho, who announced his retirement ahead of the season, and the Lotte Giants will show every moment of passion and emotion from thorough preparation, fierce game process, and the final game.

Episode 5, ‘Open Awamori Soju’ contains the passionate hearts of the players and fans who wished for victory to open LG Twins’ Awamori Soju, which had been sealed for 28 years. The still released this time is the scene where Park Yong-taek, who was the heart of the LG Twins, meets with the players ahead of his retirement game. The appearance of witty nicknames such as ‘Yoo Kwang-taek’, ‘Byeolmyeong-taek’, and ‘Tear-taek’ is raising expectations for the work.

Episode 6, ‘Broken Guardian God’, shows the drama of the Samsung Lions, who fell into a losing streak last season. Samsung Lions shaken out of control when Oh Seung-hwan of the Samsung Lions, who played an active role as the best closer in Korea, collapsed, and they captured their own worries and feelings.

The 7th episode, ‘Wild Card’, symbolically shows the appearance of Na Seong-beom, the main character of the Kia Tigers’ first home run zone last season. The Kia Tigers, which faced the greatest crisis due to Socrates’ injury, are expected to show dramatic drama such as the recruitment of Na Seong-beom and the return of Yang Hyeon-jong.

Episode 8, ‘Become a Beast’ contains the drama of Hanhwa’s Moon Dong-ju and Samsung’s Kim Hyeon-joon, who are being reborn as beasts, the symbol of their team. The story of the two players who are struggling to realize the wall of a professional will draw passionate support and interest from baseball fans.

The 9th episode, ‘The Season of Crisis,’ captures the moments when the tension between victory and defeat reaches its peak ahead of the fall, the symbolic season of professional baseball. You can check out the scene of fierce competition in which the top 5 teams out of the 10 professional baseball teams that finished the regular season last season are fighting all-out for the postseason, also known as fall baseball.

The 10th episode,카지노사이트 ‘Toward the Victory’, recorded thrilling moments in the world of baseball that do not end until the end. You can once again feel the excitement and thrill of running towards the championship in a professional baseball season with many moments of crisis and conflicting records of wins and losses.

As such, the 10 episodes containing the passionate drama of 10 clubs are not just records of the field, but are raising expectations as they contain dramas of various perspectives and emotions.

‘Full Count’, which vividly captures the stories of 10 professional baseball teams and the hidden stories of the fierce season that we did not know about, is a total of 10 episodes, and from April 26 (Wednesday), only 2 episodes every Wednesday It will be released through Disney+.

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