From Jo Jae-ho, Mamin Calm, Kim Hyun-woo to Kim Bo-mi. Quarterfinals 4 NH, 5 rounds aim for 1st place-PBA Team League

NH Nonghyup Card is on the rise. In the first round of the second half of the ‘2022 PBA Team League’, they ran for first place with 6 consecutive wins, and then 4 out of 6 team members reached the semifinals of the Tour Championship, and 2 of them made the finals to become champions.

The semifinals of the High1 tournament, which ended on the 16th, were PBA Mamin Calm, Cho Jae-ho, Kim Hyun-woo and LPBA Kim Bo-mi. Oh Tae-jun, who defeated Cho Jae-ho in the PBA semifinals, was a founding member. He was a member of the national junior team and had excellent skills, but last year he left the team due to sluggish performance and being eliminated from the first division.

In the place where Taejun Oh left, Maminkam came in. Oh Tae-joon, who left, defeated Cho Jae-ho, and Mamin-calm, who entered, defeated Kim Hyun-woo, advancing to the final. After a fierce fight, Mamin-calm won.

Kim Bo-mi is in the semifinals of LPBA. Her come-from-behind defeat and her first win put her dreams on the line as she made it to the finals. 메이저사이트 Japan’s Higashiuchi, who defeated him, won the championship, making the people who watched it even more sad.

If these four players, 2nd tournament champions Minah Kim and P. Nguyen join together, they are truly the strongest team. With that power, he won 6 consecutive wins after 1 loss in the first round after 3rd place in the first half, and also rose to 1st place in team win rate.

In NH, 5 out of 6 players rank around the top 10. Cho Jae-ho is 2nd in PBA, Maminkam is 5th and Kim Hyun-woo is 13th. Kim Min-a, who won the Hana Card Championship in July by defeating Slong Piabi, placed 5th in LPBA, and Kim Bo-mi, who won the semifinals twice, placed 10th.

NH. The momentum seems to be getting stronger, and if so, the 5th round is likely to run fast.

The only team that NH lost in the 4th round was Kudron, Wimaz, and Kim Ye-eun’s Welcome Savings Bank. The match against each other is not good. In the 4th game, he led 2-1, but lost again by giving 4-6 sets.

In the 5th round, it’s good enough. Even if we lose to Kudron, we can overcome because Jo Jae-ho, Mamin-kam, and Kim Bo-mi are strong.

NH, the 1st place team in the 4th round, united by strong individuals. If you dominate up to the 5th round, you can see not only the first place in the second half, but also the first place in the overall win rate.

However, that is only an estimate seen through individual strength. Team games are especially characterized by a sudden change of flow. Just because an individual is strong does not necessarily mean that the team is strong, and individual strength and team victory are not directly proportional.