From a dirt spoon, earning 1 billion and leaving the company”… Stock certification post topic

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With secondary battery-related stocks soaring day after day, a certification post saying that he earned 1 billion won with the stock and left the company is a hot topic online.

On the 15th, a post was posted on a worker’s community saying, ‘Selling all of EcoPro, leaving the company’. The author, belonging to Hyundai Motor Company, said, “I was going to leave the company when I saved 1 billion, but that day came.”

He said, “I was born with a dirt spoon and loved to cook. My goal was to open a restaurant with my name on it, but thanks to Eco-Pro, I was able to achieve that goal.” wrote

Looking at the attached stock account picture, I bought 3,800 shares of EcoPro at 108,200 won and recorded a yield of 255.57%.먹튀검증 It is an investment of about 400 million won and earned more than 1 billion won. In addition, it bought 580 shares of Ecopro BM at 91,200 won and recorded a yield of 122.69%. The valuation profit is about 64 million won.

What these companies have in common is that they are stocks related to secondary batteries. Ecopro is a company specializing in battery materials that is engaged in the secondary battery business. Ecopro BM is a subsidiary of Ecopro and specializes in the anode material business.

According to the Korea Exchange, EcoPro closed at 448,000 won, up 20.75 percent from the previous day. As a result, it has surpassed Celltrion Healthcare, a representative bio-related stock, to rank second in market capitalization in the KOSDAQ market. Ecopro BM also closed up 8.91%.

The uptrend of rechargeable battery-related stocks has been highlighted recently. Ecopro rose 307.27% this year (from the closing price on January 2nd to the closing price on March 15th), ranking 4th in the KOSDAQ increase rate. Ecopro BM also rose 129.12%.

Netizens who saw this post responded such as “Where did you get this information from?”, “I can’t enter because it’s too high right now”, and “I envy the seed money of 400 million.” He also cheered the author, saying, “It’s cool to say that you’re challenging your childhood dream, but you have to be careful not to lose big money easily.”

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