‘France-Honduras-Gambia’ coach Kim Eun-joong “The first goal of the U-20 World Cup is to pass the group stage!”

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“The first goal is definitely to pass the group stage!”

It was the determination of coach Kim Eun-joong of the U-20 national team. The U-20 national team led by coach Kim Eun-joong will go to the U-20 World Cup, which will be held from the 20th of next month to the 11th of June. Kim Eun-joong tied for 3rd at the last U-20 Asian Cup and secured a ticket to the finals. Initially, the U-20 World Cup was scheduled to be held in Indonesia, but as anti-Israel public opinion in Indonesia, an Islamic country, increased, the International Football Federation (FIFA) abruptly deprived the right to host the tournament last month. Coach Kim expressed regret, saying, “In Indonesia, we had good results at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang. We won gold medals and were confident because we were used to the environment, but the venue has changed.” Coach Kim assisted coach Kim Hak-beom as a coach in the Asian Games national team at the time.

The new venue is Argentina in South America. FIFA made a new decision in the middle of this month. The schedule set for the changed venue was twisted. There was also a concern about jet lag. Director Kim said, “We are going to go (to Argentina) on the 7th (May), but I wonder if we should go out early and adjust to the time difference. It’s difficult to do, but it’s something all countries go through.”

There are many variables. Originally, coach Kim was scheduled to go to Argentina to visit the field after completing the mini-call from the 24th to the 26th. However, he received a reply that he could not go on the field trip due to local circumstances. He was able to check the local situation only after entering Argentina on a regular basis. It’s a pity that thorough preparation is essential from the ‘underdog’ position of Korea. The convocation is also not smooth. It is possible to convene the last two weeks before the tournament, but due to the K-League schedule, it may be possible to convene the entire group only on the 7th, when they leave for the country. It is also a concern that European players are not in good shape due to injuries. Moreover, in this competition, the entry is only 21 people, not 26, which has been common since the era of Corona 19, so it is impossible to envision an adventurous entry.

In the U-20 World Cup, which will be held from the 20th of next month to the 11th of June, Kim Eun-joong is tied in Group F with France, Gambia and Honduras. The number one object to be wary of, coach Kim, was France, the opponent in the first match. France reached the semifinals at the 2022 UEFA U-19 Championship. Despite a 1-2 shock loss to Israel in the semifinals, they passed through the group stage with a complete victory. Got Italy too. Rennes striker Roum Chauna was the top scorer of the tournament with four goals. Even in the past record, they are absolutely inferior with 1 win, 3 draws and 4 losses. Coach Kim, who called France the ‘championship candidate’, said, “As expected, it was a team with good physical and individual capabilities. From now on, we need to analyze it more closely.” “The other two teams will prepare well step by step.”안전놀이터

Honduras, the opponent in the second game, is the most certain one-win victim. Honduras reached the semifinals at the CONCACAF U-20 Championship, but is ahead with two wins in the past. In terms of style, he is the most worthy opponent. The Gambia is an ambush. They finished runner-up at the Confederation of African Football (CAF) U-20 Nations Cup. Although they are ahead with one win in their opponents, in the U-20 World Cup, the African continental team, which is physically strong, is always difficult.

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