‘Even after playing well’ Han Sang-kwon, tears at the empty foul loss… Max the Body advances to the semifinals

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 ROAD FC’s first semi-finalist of the global tournament has been eclipsed.

Han Sang-kwon (MMA Kim Dae-hwan) lost to Max the Body (BRAVE GYM) by foul in 2 minutes and 58 seconds of the first round in the quarterfinals of the Goobne ROAD FC 064 -70kg Lightweight Global Tournament held at Chiak Gymnasium in Wonju, Gangwon Province on the 24th. Max the Body earned a ticket to the quarterfinals of the tournament.

At the beginning of the game, Han Sang-kwon’s Robo attack came out and was stopped once. Han Sang-kwon, who showed active movement, attempted a takedown. Max the Body counterattacked with reckless punches. Han Sang-kwon succeeded in the takedown. He continued to knock over the body trying to stand up and led the game.

At this time, Han Sang-kwon’s knee was directed at Max the Body’s face. Since Max the Body’s legs and one arm were in contact with the ground, it was a ground knee foul. After the game was stopped, Max the body was given treatment and rest. Han Sang-gwon was given a warning.

After a five-minute break, Max the Body expressed his intention not to continue the game. Han Sang-kwon conveyed his intention to continue the game to Max the Body, but it was not done. The referee declared Han Sang-gwon a foul loss. Han Sang-kwon fell on the floor and cried. Max the Body left the field with support.

△[-63kg Bantamweight Tournament Reserve Match Cha Min-hyeok VS Batarzlon Gantucktuh]

Cha Min-hyeok (Dokkaebi MMA) and TEAM CHINGUN fought a battle of nerves at the weigh-in held the day before the match. After exchanging kicks, they fought several times. The match was stopped for a while with Cha Min-hyuk’s Roblo. Cha Min-hyeok also received treatment for a tear around his eye.

After the restart, Gantucktoch’s offensive began. Attacked Minhyuk Cha with a knee kick. Then, in the punch workshop, Gantuckteoch’s fist hit Cha Min-hyuk’s face. Gantuckteoch confirmed the victory by pounding Cha Min-hyuk once. It was a KO victory by punch at 3:42 in the first round.

△[-70kg Lightweight Tournament Reserve Match Yeo Je-woo VS Shin Dong-guk]

After a short search match, Shin Dong-guk rushed recklessly. In the process, Yeo Je-woo fell. Shin Dong-guk clung to Yeo Je-woo’s back and ate away his stamina. Even after switching to a standing situation, Yeo Je-woo fell to Shin Dong-guk’s punch. Yeo Je-woo escaped 토토사이트the crisis by aiming for Shin Dong-guk’s lower body.

Yeo Je-woo fell down again at Shin Dong-guk’s offensive. Shin Dong-guk continued his momentum with a pounding attack. Yeo Je-woo changed the flow. After catching Shin Dong-guk’s kick, he took the bag.

Shin Dong-guk took the lead in the second round as well. He hit the returning Empress with her fist and shook it. Yeo Je-woo succeeded in a takedown and seemed to counterattack. Shin Dong-guk, who calmly waited for the right time, exploded his firepower again. In a standing situation, he landed a punch full of destructive power on Yeo Je-woo. His head shook so much that even the Empress Wu’s mouthpiece fell out. Eventually, the referee called for a stoppage in the game.

△[-49kg contract weight Park Seo-young VS Baek Hyeon-joo]

Baek Hyeon-ju ((Road FC Ssang-ryeong), who exceeded the weigh-in by 1.4 kg, started with a 10-point deduction per round. In a fierce clinch situation, Baek Hyun-joo tried to hit repeatedly, grabbing the cheek and trying to kneel, and continued aiming for the finish.Park

Seo-young (Road FC Gunsan) tried to secure the victory by attempting a takedown.The two players were 10 seconds into the game The regular round ended and Park Seo-young won by unanimous decision.

△[-70kg lightweight Kim Min-hyung VS Park Hyun-bin]

Professional boxer Park Hyun-bin (SSMA Rising Stamp) opened the door with a blow. Carefully closed the gap. Kim Min-hyung (Team Finish), who caught a glimpse, stopped Park Hyun-bin’s momentum with two takedowns. After switching to standing, Park Hyun-bin’s hot punch hit. Kim Min-hyung’s face turned red. Kim Min-hyung did not lose his composure. Park Hyun-bin went to the floor again. Park Hyun-bin succeeded in the rear naked choke and finished the match in 3 minutes and 22 seconds of the first round.

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