Dramatically changed kt, ‘full of confidence’ with excitement of 6 consecutive victories

Professional basketball player Suwon kt has won 6 consecutive wins and is on the right track.

kt won 85-83 in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball regular league away game against Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation held at Anyang Gymnasium on the 6th.

The ranking is still 7th (13-15), but it is preparing a stepping stone to jump to the top by narrowing the ride with Goyang Carrot and Jeonju KCC (above 14-15) (above 14-15), which are tied for 5th place.

Moreover, the atmosphere is great as they beat the leader Ginseng Corporation (20-9) and continue their winning streak.

After the game, 안전놀이터 KT coach Seo Dong-cheol said, “I was really desperate to win today’s game to bring a good atmosphere, but I won a valuable one and even won a streak.” It was a match,” he said.

In the first quarter, kt, which seemed to give flow to Ginseng Corporation with Omari Spellman at the forefront, scored points with Han Hee-won and Yang Hong-seok at the center, stealing the atmosphere and even winning the victory.

Han Hee-won scored a total of 18 points, including 13 points in the first quarter alone, and Yang Hong-seok (16 points and 10 rebounds), Jarrod Jones (14 points and 13 rebounds), and Ha Yun-ki (14 points and 8 rebounds) also played their part.

The coach was pleased with the players’ even performance, saying, “There are so many players I want to praise that it’s hard to list them all.”

He pointed out that “defensive mistakes made in the middle need to be reorganized,” but “overall, the players did well. Heewon and (Choi) Seongmo also played a role like ‘heroes. Heewon played a big role in the 1st quarter and Hongseok played a big role in the 2nd quarter.”

Foreign players who were newly recruited in December last year are also a big factor in kt’s restart, which fell to the bottom at the beginning of the season.

kt replaced Landry Nnoko and Jei Anoshike, who were picked before the opening, with Lester Prosper and Jones, and they are creating a synergistic effect with domestic players.

The fact that with the arrival of new foreign players, Ha Yoon-ki and others were able to play without any burden is something recognized not only by Seo but also by Kim Sang-shik, the head coach of Ginseng Corporation.

After the game, Yang Hong-seok said, “I evaluate the (foreign) players before that, but the current players are more veterans and seem to have better basketball intelligence. It seems to be similar, but he is good at basketball enough to learn from watching. It seems that the driving force comes from the experience of veteran players.”

Han Hee-won also helped, saying, “The new Jones is very good at basketball. Prosper is tough, but in terms of atmosphere, he helps us to be more excited.”

As much as they succeeded in rebounding after twists and turns, kt is determined to continue the current atmosphere.

Coach Seo said, “The current goal is to hit a 50% win rate. Each game is important.” You have to prepare,” he said.

Yang Hong-seok also smiled, saying, “When I go to Ulsan (where the next game will be held), I can go there happily on the bus.”