“Don’t be too nice to us” 

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SSG Landers coach Kim Won-hyung conveyed his candid feelings to pitcher Kim Jeong-woo, who was leaving the team due to a trade.

On the 25th, SSG carried out a one-on-one trade in exchange for pitcher Kim Jeong-woo for Doosan Bears pitcher Jin-seong Kang. For the purpose of strengthening the depth of a right-handed hitter, which has been relatively lacking, SSG is expecting to recruit Kang Jin-seong, who can defend the corner outfield and first base.

After graduating from Dongsan High School while receiving Kang Jin-seong, he joined as the first choice in 2018, and broke up with right-handed prospect Kim Jeong-woo, who completed military service in Sangmu Baseball Team. Kim Jeong-woo has experience in 1 game in the 1st team in 2019, and appeared in 14 games in the Futures League this season, showing a good appearance with 2 wins, 1 loss and 4 saves, and an average ERA of 1.84.

It is a resource that coach Kim Won-hyung directly confirmed until this season’s demonstration game. Coach Won-hyung Kim said, “I was always good in the 2nd team. I think I saw a pitcher with such potential in Doosan.”

Manager Kim said,토토사이트 “I had the mindset that I should pay attention to (Kim Jeong-woo’s) record and timing, but anyway, the trade was something we needed Kang Jin-sung, and on the contrary, at Doosan, Jung-woo was a player we really needed, so I had a chance. If you do, I hope you pitch well,” he said, adding, “Don’t be too good to us,” and laughed.

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