Customers were talking dirty to the female boss… When I reported it, “I committed a deadly crime.”

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A male customer who had been talking obscenely at a chicken restaurant apologized to the female owner for “committing a deadly sin” after reporting the incident to the police.

Recently, an article was posted on an online community with the title, ‘I’ve been in business for 10 years and running a chicken restaurant for 4 years, but my mentality is shaking.’

Mr. A, who introduced himself as running a chicken restaurant, began by saying, “Around 9 p.m., two men came and asked me to share a seat with 8 people in total.” “He had already had some alcohol. I could see how loud his voice was.” “It was the first decibel I’ve heard in years,” he added.

Mr. A wrote that the male group created a noisy atmosphere without paying attention to the guests around them, adding, “From the beginning, they ordered drinks in informal language to the group and then canceled it.” He also wrote, “Among them. He complained, “The person who seemed the oldest seemed like he was anxious to fight.”

Then, as the men’s lewd comments became more harsh, Mr. A and her husband said they took action to stop him. Mr. A said, “He talked very loudly about things ranging from masturbation to sexual matters. “She explained, “My husband filmed the video and warned me, ‘I will report you because you made obscene remarks even though my wife was here.’”

Person A said, “My heart, hands and feet were shaking so much, I couldn’t calm down. “It was insulting, as if I was being told to listen to it, and I felt like I was being sexually harassed,” she said, and dialed 112 to report it to the police.

It is said that only then did the people in question change their attitude and apologize. Mr. A said, “At that moment, I was so scared of the people who were arguing and토토사이트 talking obscene language as if I wanted them to listen, so I made an uproar and apologized.” He added, “I thought, how can they be so ignorant and have less than common sense when they are office workers who look like they are in their 30s or 40s?” did.

When Ms. A’s husband pointed out, “You’re probably all married, just imagine if your wife kept hearing such things from someone,” the men bowed their heads and said, “We have committed a deadly sin.”

Mr. A said, “I have met many people, but this is the biggest truth. If you are investigated by the police, it will be known to the company as they are all from the same company. Don’t you know that? He expressed his frustration by saying, “I was very embarrassed when I heard that it was a sexual harassment crime.”

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