‘Cool senior who buys me food’ Lee Kyung-eun, who chose to remain as a free agent, what is the evaluation of the command tower?

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 The manager’s evaluation of Lee Kyung-eun, who signed a two-year renewal contract with Shinhan Bank, was “a cool senior.”

On the 10th, WKBL announced that Incheon Shinhan Bank had renewed the contract with Lee Kyung-eun for a contract period of 2 years and an annual salary of 140 million won. This is more than double the annual salary of 70 million won last season.

Lee Kyung-eun, who debuted at Woori Bank in Chuncheon (now Asan Woori Bank) in the 2006 Winter League, has grown into a top guard in the league through Kumho Life Insurance and KDB Life Insurance. He moved his nest to Shinhan Bank after obtaining FA qualification in 2018, and has been with Shinhan Bank ever since. He averaged 7.8 points, 2.8 rebounds and 3.3 assists in 23 minutes and 32 seconds in 30 games last season.

Shinhan Bank head coach Guna Dan said of Lee Kyung-eun, “He struggled with injuries, but he revived by working with Shinhan Bank. He has been adjusting his condition so that he can digest the game despite his injury. He seemed to think it was right to end his career here rather than going to another team and overdoing it,” he explained his reason for staying.

Lee Kyung-eun is the second FA target. He did not have to conclude the contract by 5 pm on the 10th, the first negotiation period. However, Shinhan Bank needed Lee Kyung-eun, and Lee Kyung-eun’s intention was the same, so he quickly concluded his contract. Coach Guna Dan said, “From our point of view, (Lee) Kyung-eun did a good job and communicated well with the players even when he came out, so we thought there was no need for him to waste time.”

At Shinhan Bank, Han Chae-jin, the best member of the team, retired at the end of last season. Now, only Lee Kyung-eun has to lead the team as the best.

When I asked Director Guna Dan if there was anything I wanted from Lee Kyung-eun, he said, “I don’t want anything more, I’m doing well. Although he has been on the team for a long time, he is a cool senior. When the players do something wrong, I tend to understand them by saying, “I can do that.” There are times when basketball goes well and there are times when it doesn’t, but he is a senior who comforts me and buys me food and coffee. That’s why the players follow Kyung-eun well,” he praised Lee.

Lee Kyung-eun, who suffered from frequent injuries,바카라 played in all games last season without injury. Coach Guna Dan explained the positive influence of healthy Lee Kyung-eun, saying, “I feel happy that I can play basketball in a healthy way myself, and that part seems to be spreading to other players as well.”

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