Chuncheon Youth Street Basketball Tournament First mixed match held

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The local youth street basketball tournament was held for the first time in 27 years as a mixed game for men and women. It is eye-catching to see young people breaking down the gender divide and actively participating in sports activities.먹튀검증

Chuncheon YMCA (Chairman Heo Dae-young) and International Wise Men Chuncheon Gamma Club (Chairman Baek Hyung-ki) recently held the 27th Chuncheon City Youth Street Basketball Tournament in 2023 at Chuncheon Hoban Gymnasium.

In the contest sponsored by the International Y’s Men Gangwon Province (Director Hong Jong-dae) and the Chuncheon City Office of Education (Director Kim Hak-bae), 66 local youths participated, and three female youths participated for the first time. They were divided into high school (8 teams) and middle school (10 teams), regardless of school, and had a tournament game. Performances by youth dance clubs ‘Black Hole’ and ‘Cheongoong’ were also held. Suah Lee (12, 1st year of Gangwon Middle School), who participated in a street basketball competition for the first time while attending a basketball academy, said, “She participated in a mixed team, so it was new and fun.” She said, “I will participate next year.” Kim A-yeon, a youth instructor at the Chuncheon YMCA, said, “We recruited youths regardless of gender, but this year, the first mixed race was held when female youths applied for the first time.”

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