“Choose it with a stone”… What happened to the Japanese person who got into trouble while filming a YouTube video in Korea?

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“It’s the country I hate the most. I want to kill all the Japanese people there.”

A Japanese woman working as a YouTuber in Korea was told a story about how she ended up bursting into tears after being cursed and shouted at by a man in his 50s because she was from Japan.

YouTuber Yuipung is a Japanese creator who is active in Korea and is a popular YouTuber with 610,000 subscribers.

On the 17th, she uploaded a video titled ‘A Japanese person who gave up everything in Japan and came to Korea from scratch.’

In the video, a passerby first asks Yuipyeong, “Where are you from?” When Yui Byung replied, “I’m from Japan,” the passerby introduced herself as a ‘North Korean’ and said rude things like, “Do you know what country you hate the most?” “I want to kill all Japanese people,” and “I want to chew them all up.” I did.

Surprised by this, he said, “But we came here because we like Korea,” but she said, “You shouldn’t say that to Korean people.” He continued to say harsh things like “I’m going to cut you down with rocks.” She said the passerby then said, “Don’t tell me you’re from Japan.”

When Yoo Byung, who was with her, tried to end the situation by saying, “I understand,” the passerby continued her sentence by saying, “(Korea) was captured by Japan토토사이트 for 31 years.” She responded by saying, “You talk too harshly.”

Upon hearing this, the passerby said again, “It’s not too harsh, I felt resentment. I hate Japan the most. Japanese people side XX XXXHe got angry and said, “My grandfather died because of the Japanese.”

Yui-Pyung, who apologized and said, “As a Japanese person, I am truly sorry,” eventually burst into tears.

Even as Yui Byung was crying, passers-by poured out harsh words to her, saying, “Dokdo is our land,” “Leave Korea,” and “Don’t ever come to Korea again.”

Even after the passerby left, Yui Byung wiped away her tears and sighed, saying to Yui Byung, “But it’s true.” This video has 160,000 views as of the night of the 18th.

Netizens who saw this video mostly left comforting comments, such as “It hurts so much,” “I came here to support you,” “I apologize on your behalf,” “There are all kinds of people in this world,” and “I’m embarrassed to be a Korean.”

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