Chinese portal Baidu removes reference to Ahn Jung-geun as ‘Korean-Chinese’… Yoon Dong-ju is the same

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Seo Gyeong-deok, a professor at Sungshin Women’s University, announced안전놀이터 that the Baidu Encyclopedia, China’s largest portal site, had reported at home and abroad that it referred to Ahn Jung-geun as Korean-Chinese when introducing him, and the content was deleted.

Professor Seo said through Social Network Service ( SNS ), “In the Baidu Encyclopedia, the ‘ethnic group’ column in relation to Dr. Ahn Jung-geun has completely disappeared.”

However, she said that the notation of poet Yun Dong-ju as Korean-Chinese has still not been corrected, and that she is “in a situation where her nationality is being distorted to be Chinese and her ethnicity to be Korean-Chinese,” Professor Seo pointed out.

Professor Seo went on to emphasize that she “will respond to the end against China’s Baidu’s distortion of not only Yoon Dong-ju but also Korean independence activists.”

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