Cheil Worldwide’s lack of investment?

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Suwon Samsung forgot the ‘basic’. If the club had been faithful to the ‘basic’, the ‘controversy over the post on the private match prediction site’ by Kim Tae-ryung, a power analyst, could not have happened in the first place. This is the reason why we can’t get rid of the label of ‘low management’.

On the 11th, Suwon said, “We decided to terminate the contract under mutual agreement with Kim Tae-ryung, power analyst.” On the 4th ,

Power Analyst Kim Tae-ryung began to work in Suwon with coach Kim Byung-soo, who was urgently appointed after receiving the mission to ‘escape from the bottom of the league (12th place)’ on the 4th. However, as soon as he arrived,

On the 10th, right before the K-League 1 match between Suwon and Jeonbuk Hyundai (Suwon lost 0-3), an editorial match prediction site posted a message under the name of Kim Tae-ryung, a power analyst, saying, “The main striker + winger + fullback + center back is missing ! !’Byungsoo Ball’ is a football I know well!! I am confident that I will be able to kill even the colon information’. The account name and profile picture were Power Analyst Kim Tae-ryung. The post that caused controversy was immediately deleted.

Sports Experts in each field provide result prediction services for a fee and receive a certain amount of money from the company, but if a power analyst belonging to a club does this, the story is different.

The club’s power analyst knows the team’s situation, including injuries, absences, and tactics, as well as the manager. Posting pre-game analysis is like leaking insider information. It is a serious act of deceiving the club, players and fans. If you take personal financial gains through the club’s internal information, this is not a problem that will end on the ‘serious’ line.

[Photo] Suwon Samsung social media account.

An official from Suwon said, “Kim Tae-ryung, a power analyst, resigned from the company in 2017. The article about the Suwon-Jeonbuk War was uploaded without consultation with Tae-Ryung Kim, Electric Power Analyst. The company also admitted this.” In other words, someone wrote an analysis through an account under the name of Power Analyst Kim Tae-ryung. This was acknowledged by the company.

However, after resigning from the company, Power Analyst Kim Tae-ryung worked as an ‘advisor’ and received a certain amount of money every month. An official from Suwon said, “Kim Tae-ryung, the power analyst, received monthly activity expenses. It seems to be the practice of the industry,” he said. It is very unlikely that he did not know the account that revealed his face and name, even if it has nothing to do with this controversial article, which has been connected with the company while receiving ‘advisory fees’ for about 7 years after his resignation.

If he decided to fulfill his duties as a member of Suwon, Power Analyst Kim Tae-ryung had to delete his account on the private match prediction site. But I didn’t even think about it that far. “There is also the fault of Power Analyst Kim Tae-ryung, who neglected the account. He admitted it himself,” the club said.

Suwon’s complacency is also buried in this situation. When recruiting power analyst Kim Tae-ryung, Suwon had to thoroughly investigate his past, at least the positions he held recently. This is a step that not only professional sports clubs but also other organizations and companies go through when selecting a ‘new face’.안전놀이터

However, Suwon skipped this. He blew himself an opportunity to take preemptive action. He was in charge of ‘advisor’ in a place that was ‘unavoidable to be controversial’, and I only found out after this incident broke out.

Suwon said, “I was suddenly appointed as the club’s power analyst,” and gave off a nuance that there was not enough time to verify him, but this is no excuse. Taking a detailed look at your resume is the basis of employment.

[Photo] A girl fluttering in the cheering seats at Suwon’s home stadium / Reporter Jinju Noh

Lack of investment by the parent company is often cited as the cause of the downfall of Suwon, which was once called a ‘famous house’. The current parent company of Suwon is Cheil Worldwide, which was transferred from Samsung Electronics in 2014. The parent company, which was able to receive ample financial support, was able to control Suwon by an advertising company operated with the support of the parent company. Concerns about reduced support have become a reality.

Amid the neglect of Cheil Worldwide, Suwon is on the verge of falling. Recently, the pace has been very steep. However, the lack of proper financial support may not be the biggest cause of Suwon’s fall.

Through this ‘Kim Tae-ryung Power Analyst Incident’, it was revealed that Suwon was running the club while forgetting the ‘basic’. No one wants to spend money building a poorly designed building. Suwon needs to take care of the ‘basics’ before exclaiming its grand ambition of ‘rebuilding the famous family’. Fortunately, among the misfortunes, Suwon showed an attitude of being aware of the ‘basic loss’, saying, “I will proceed with a more thorough verification before appointing staff in the future.”

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